The first-look trailer for The Bad Batch episode 11 is out now

Cham and Eleni Syndulla. The Bad Batch. "Devil's Deal." Courtesy of
Cham and Eleni Syndulla. The Bad Batch. "Devil's Deal." Courtesy of /

So many exciting things have been happening in The Bad Batch, and it’s created a thrilling series that feels like a worthy successor to its older counterpart, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 

Things have built up pretty intensely in the past 10 episodes. Crosshair, of course, is no longer a part of the Bad Batch and is a strategic pawn used by the Empire. The Bad Batch have been doing risky missions for Cid in order to gain some credits (and pay their debt to her). And, most importantly, a bounty had been put on Omega because her DNA is precious, first-generation material directly from Jango Fett — and Lama Su wants her terminated once they get ahold of her and her DNA.

Needless to say, so much went down in these last 10 episodes — perhaps save for episode 10 itself, which saw the Bad Batch rescue a Separatist leader. So where do we go from here in episode 11? Star Wars is already teasing what to expect from this week’s episode, and you can get a preview of that in the trailer below!

The Bad Batch episode 11 trailer

Well, isn’t this exciting! If you’re a fan of Star Wars Rebels, then you recognize the green Twi’lek featured in this week’s episode. It’s Hera Syndulla!

As we know from Rebels, Hera is part of the Ghost crew. Going by the name of the show, of course, she was a Rebel at heart. And she, Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren, and Garazeb worked their hardest to take the Empire down — no matter what the cost.

We’ve already gotten some backstory about Kanan Jarrus (Caleb Dume) as a young Padawan, who was with the Bad Batch on a mission on the same day Order 66 was called. He was understandably afraid of the clones. But now it looks like Hera also got to meet the Batchers. Though, since she’s not a Jedi, it appears she harbors no resentment for them and will probably be quite close to them.

It certainly feels like an interesting episode is in store for The Bad Batch, and we can’t wait to see what Hera thinks of Omega and the rest of the Bad Batch!

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You can catch episode 11 of The Bad Batch streaming now on Disney+.