Star Wars: Does Ezra Bridger ever join the Dark Side of the Force?

STAR WARS REBELS - "Visions and Voices" - Haunted by visions of Maul, Ezra must journey across the galaxy to engage in a strange ritual to sever his connection to Maul. (Lucasfilm)DARTH MAUL, EZRA BRIDGER
STAR WARS REBELS - "Visions and Voices" - Haunted by visions of Maul, Ezra must journey across the galaxy to engage in a strange ritual to sever his connection to Maul. (Lucasfilm)DARTH MAUL, EZRA BRIDGER /

Ezra Bridger is one of the greatest Jedi in all of Star Wars canon. Could he be the greatest Jedi of all? It’s possible.

With all due reverence and respect to other all-time great Jedi like Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Yoda himself — even Ezra’s master Kanan Jarrus, it’s hard to argue against the résumé of the young “street rat” from Lothal.

But as great as Ezra Bridger was in the Star Wars Rebels series, did he ever turn on his adoptive family, the crew of the Ghost? Did he ever turn from his training as a young Jedi apprentice and join the Dark Side of the Force?

There is no question that Ezra Bridger was a bit of a loose cannon during his time with the Ghost crew in Star Wars Rebels. He was “found” by the crew living a life similar to the storyline of Aladdinand there’s no doubt that Ezra’s being called a street rat in the very first episode of the series was an allusion to that.

Ezra was a survivor. As street smart and clever as he was, it was Ezra’s genuinely good heart that ultimately led to many of his greatest (and most dangerous) moments.

Ezra would never have fit in well with the traditional mold of what the Jedi were supposed to look like, at least, what they looked like when they ultimately were overthrown and almost eliminated completely by the Sith. Mace Windu may have had a heart attack if he’d seen Ezra in training.

Ezra ultimately became the first real emblem of the resurrection of the Jedi. He was not restricted to the rules that ultimately led to the demise of the Jedi, but there was also a line that Ezra would never cross.

Did Ezra Bridger turn to the Dark Side?

The prime example of that came when Ezra was tempted by Emperor Palpatine himself in the World Between Worlds when he could have very easily altered history as everyone knew it. Not even Palpatine could access the World Between Worlds, but Ezra could. Not even Anakin Skywalker could resist the temptation of Palpatine when it came to lusting for the power that may or may not have been able to save his loved ones, but Ezra Bridger did resist that temptation.

Ezra very rapidly became one of the most powerful young Jedi in all of Star Wars canon, but he was also very similar to Anakin and Luke Skywalker in his determination to do what he knew was right.

Ezra’s path ultimately led him to self-sacrifice, another example of his superiority over many other great Jedi who succumbed to selfishness or lust for power.

Ezra eliminated Grand Admiral Thrawn which ultimately was crippling for the Empire. Was it not for Ezra’s sacrifice and the elimination of Thrawn from the overall chess match that was going on, would the Rebellion even have figured out a way to “win”?

Although Ezra was last seen disappearing into hyperspace, there is no reason to believe he’s dead. However, he disappeared as a Jedi and there has been no indication at this point that he decided to turn to the Dark Side of the Force.

What is very interesting is that Ezra’s voice does not make an “appearance” in The Rise of Skywalker, which either means that he is still alive at that time or that he was simply not communicating with Rey. Or, he decides at some point to disconnect himself from the Force or the Jedi completely, which wouldn’t make a lot of sense because Ahsoka’s voice is heard by Rey in that moment.

It’s likely that Ezra will pop up at some point in the Ahsoka series or something else like that. Who knows what his life will be like when we get the chance to see him next.

As of The Mandalorian’s second season, Ahsoka Tano was looking for Grand Admiral Thrawn. If she was looking for Thrawn, would she not simultaneously be looking for Ezra? Since they disappeared together, that would make sense.

It would require something pretty serious for Ezra Bridger to turn to the Dark Side. He avoided it when he was directly offered the chance by both Maul and Emperor Palpatine on separate occasions. He avoided it when he had the chance to save Kanan after watching him die. He had the chance to succumb to the Dark Side on so many occasions before and he resisted every single one of them.

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Ezra Bridger is exactly what you want a Jedi to be — an embodiment of good. He can’t join the Dark Side. Or can he?