Funko reveals new Rey and Imperial Super Commando Pops! on the way


A round of new Funko Pops! was announced during a live stream today, and two of those happen to include new releases for Star Wars.

To announce these new Pops!, Funko released a special video event called Funko FunTV Pop! Quiz FunKon Edition!. They held a Jeopardy-style game show where the contestants (actors) were given a category and clue, and the answer would be one of the newest Funko Pop! reveals.

The clue for Star Wars: “This Jedi Master was a former scavenger on Jakku.” If you guessed Rey, you’re correct! A new Rey Pop! is just one of the two new releases for Star Wars during this event. This Rey is seen in a wide stance and is, of course, holding her trusty staff in hand.

Also included in this reveal was a white Imperial Super Commando. These imperials are quite the unique characters — Mandalorian warriors who were loyal to the Empire, and they made their first appearance in Star Wars Rebels. Below, you can see what both of the Pops! look like.

Rey Funko Pop! and Imperial Super Commando Funko Pop! later revealed that these products are FunKon convention exclusives at Amazon and GameStop. So for more information, you’ll want to check out this blog post about FunKon, and keep your eyes and ears peeled when the convention runs from Aug. 4 to Aug 6.

To see the whole event and the other Funko Pops! and Funko Sodas being revealed, you can watch the YouTube video down below.

If you’re into collecting Pops! from other fandoms, there are some cool, new items in store. For example, there are quite a few Marvel Pops! coming — including a galaxy-print Galactus.

And if you’re into DC Comics, there’s quite a few of those as well, including brand new Batman and Deathstroke collectibles.

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Do any of these new Funko Pop! releases catch your eye? Let us know in the comments! And for more Funko news and updates, be sure to follow the Star Wars Toys category on Dork Side of the Force!

Update 7/12/21: This story has been edited to include new information about when the Pops! will become available.