The making of Star Tours will be explored in Disney+ docuseries Behind the Attraction

Behind the Attraction: Star Tours. Photo courtesy of Disney+.
Behind the Attraction: Star Tours. Photo courtesy of Disney+. /

Disney+ is launching a new docuseries later this month called Behind the Attraction, and the spotlight will be put on Star Wars for one of the episodes.

Just today, Disney released more information about what to expect from the series, including a trailer and the attractions that will be explored in the first five episodes when it drops on July 21. For a bit of background, this series — which is co-produced by Dwayne Johnson — will go behind the scenes and explore the making of some of the most iconic Disney Parks rides there are.

So, naturally, with Star Wars having a large presence at Disney World, one episode will be dedicated to the legacy of Star Wars in the parks. The episode is titled “Star Tours,” but it seems like that will be the launching point to talk about everything else Star Wars-related that has happened in the parks — including the creation of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

You can watch the trailer Disney+ released for Behind the Attraction in the video below.

Behind the Attraction episodes

This Disney+ docuseries will have 10 episodes total, but only five will be released when the series premieres on Wednesday, July 21. According to Disney, the other five episodes will be released later this year.

Of course, with Dwayne Johnson on as an executive producer and his film Jungle Cruise coming out on July 28, the titular ride is among the first attractions to be explored in this series.

For the rest of the episodes, we have the first five episode titles that will be released along with their descriptions.

Jungle Cruise

"Join a skipper for the story behind Jungle Cruise, and try to spot the backside of water! When Walt decided to create the original immersive attraction, he tasked Imagineers with building a river AND the mechanical animals to populate it."

Haunted Mansion

"Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion — enter if you dare! When Walt Disney developed the attraction, he didn’t specify if it should be funny or scary, and so it became a perfect blend of both."

Star Tours

"Lightspeed to Endor! A long time ago…Disney created Star Tours, a thrilling simulator attraction that takes guests to a galaxy far, far away. It inspired Imagineers to build a whole new land — Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge."

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

"Discover the ups (and downs!) of creating this gravity-defying attraction set in the eerie world of Rod Serling’s renowned “Twilight Zone” television series. Then hold on tight as Imagineers reimagine the Disney California Adventure Park version as Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!"

Space Mountain

"You’re about to hear the story of Space Mountain in T-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…launch! Walt’s vision of an attraction that simulates space travel was a design challenge Imagineer John Hench tackled head on, creating a signature structure in Disney Parks around the world."

If you’re a fan of the Disney parks, then this definitely looks like a series that you’ll want to check out. Even if you consider yourself a Disney Parks aficionado, there will still be some never-before-seen footage about the rides in this series and exclusive interviews, so that’s bound to make this a must-watch for the Disney fans out there.

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