Star Wars Christmas in July 2021: Dork Side of the Force’s must-read stories

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special concept art. Photo:
LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special concept art. Photo: /

The weather outside isn’t so frightful, but this time of year is so delightful. No, it’s not Christmas Time yet, but many are getting into the holiday spirit by celebrating Christmas in July!

FanSided Entertainment is currently celebrating this festive season with an event called 12 Days of Christmas in July. And Tuesday was Dork Side of the Force’s day to showcase our summertime Christmas spirit with a few awesome pieces.

Of course, if you’re a fan of the Star Wars Holiday Special — well, we know being a “fan” of the holiday special might be pushing it — you’ll want to check out these amazing stories:

Next, if you’re a fan of learning about Star Wars holidays, then you won’t want to miss these three fabulous pieces:

And if you’re in the mood to do a bit of holiday shopping early, here’s a special article I’ve written for all the early Christmas shoppers out there — because it’s never too early to get your holiday on!

Christmas in July

Dork Side of the Force is just one of the 12 FanSided Entertainment sites celebrating this occasion. For more stories, keep an eye out on the other awesome websites that will be participating in bringing you some holiday cheer.

  • Monday, July 12: Netflix Life
  • Tuesday, July 13: Dork Side of the Force
  • Wednesday, July 14: Hidden Remote
  • Thursday, July 15: Winter is Coming
  • Friday, July 16: TripSided
  • Saturday, July 17: Culturess
  • Sunday, July 18: Amazon Adviser
  • Monday, July 19: Bam Smack Pow
  • Tuesday, July 20: Guilty Eats
  • Wednesday, July 21: One Chicago Center
  • Thursday, July 22: 1428 Elm
  • Friday, July 23: Dog O’ Day

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Happy (early) holidays, everyone!