The Bad Batch episode 12 trailer leaks online ahead of episode

Crosshair watches silently. The Bad Batch. "Devil's Deal." Courtesy of
Crosshair watches silently. The Bad Batch. "Devil's Deal." Courtesy of /

Warning! Mild spoilers for The Bad Batch episode 12 follow.

The Bad Batch episode 12 is nearly here. And in less than 24 hours, the trailer for The Bad Batch episode 12 will be here as well.

And while Star Wars and The Bad Batch have done a solid job of avoiding leaks and such so far, the trailer for episode 12 did briefly appear online today before it was taken down. This was caught and shared on the Star Wars Leaks subreddit, in which the full trailer was uploaded. While we won’t embed the post here, you can watch the trailer here on Reddit, and you can read our summary of it below.

The trailer is just about 15 seconds, the same as all of the other episode trailers, and it’s quite revealing about what is going to happen next in the series. The trailer begins with Hera Syndulla sending a distress message out for help Princess Leia-style. And it seems like the Bad Batch are on the receiving end of that call. She cries that the Empire has taken her parents, and she needs their help.

We see that Crosshair will still be in this episode as well, and he seems determined to get either Hera, the Bad Batch, or both. And it looks like a rather large battle is about to take place.

The Bad Batch episode 12

As we know from Disney+’s release schedule, episode 12 is titled “Rescue on Ryloth.” So it will indeed be a continuation of episode 11. And the Bad Batch will finally get to have a bigger role in this small story arc.

It’s also possible that the Bad Batch will get the chance to know Captain Howzer, who could be a potential ally for them. He seems to be immune to the programming from his inhibitor chip, and they could use someone like him on their side.

So, this looks like another exciting episode will be in store, especially as we get more answers about Hera’s backstory. Her parents, Cham and Eleni, already have storied histories of their own, and their fate is quite sealed in the Star Wars canon. But this episode will fill in more gaps as we see how the Bad Batch played a role in the Syndulla family history.

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The Bad Batch episode 12 releases on Disney+ at 3 a.m. ET. Check back on Dork Side of the Force for our coverage of the episode once it comes out.