The Bad Batch episode 12 synopsis, title, and runtime revealed

The Bad Batch. "Rescue on Ryloth." Courtesy of
The Bad Batch. "Rescue on Ryloth." Courtesy of /

The Bad Batch episode 12 is a continuation of last week’s episode, “Devil’s Deal”, which introduced viewers to a young Hera Syndulla, the future rebel whose home planet is now occupied by the Empire.

Episode 11 put the Batch on the back burner allowing the plot to revolve outside of them with exception of a brief weapons drop to Gobi Glie where Hera met Omega. The two girls hit it off, becoming fast friends before they went their separate ways.

For Hera, it was the last peaceful moment before Admiral Rampart’s plan to push her parents, General Cham and Eleni, into a set-up went into effect. Now under guard by the Empire and framed for treason, the Syndulla’s are in dire straights.

Hera is the only one who can help her parents, but she can’t do it by herself. Based on what we know about episode 12, she won’t be alone for long.

The Bad Batch episode 12 synopsis, title and runtime

Titled “Rescue on Ryloth,” this episode’s synopsis basically gives the game away in terms of who Hera’s back-up is going to be.

"The Batch is tasked with a dangerous mission."

This is likely not a red herring. We knew Hera and Omega’s meeting had to be important to the plot, and it looks like episode 12 is going to reveal to us how. With a 28 minute runtime, “Rescue on Ryloth” is sure to be an action-packed, mission-focused episode.

Ryloth is crawling with stormtroopers. It’s not going to be an easy grab-and-go, that’s for sure. Especially with Crosshair among their ranks. The seeds of rebellion have been planted on Ryloth, perhaps we’ll eventually see the Batch having to confront the Empire themselves before the season is over.

Once again things are heating up on The Bad Batch. Though our misfit crew has few allies, maybe episode 12 will provide them with more. We’ve got a feeling one could be closer than they think. Click through to the next page for our theory on whether Captain Howzer will defy orders and help Clone Force 99.

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