The Bad Batch episode 13 “Infested” ending explained

Omega steadies her energy bow with Cid by her side. "Infested." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of
Omega steadies her energy bow with Cid by her side. "Infested." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Bad Batch episode 13.

After two episodes that steered much of the focus away from Clone Force 99 and Omega, it was nice to get back to business as usual for the ragtag group of mutated clones. In The Bad Batch episode 13, titled “Infested,” sees the clones developing a bit of a bug problem while trying to help their employer Cid take back what’s her’s.

The Bad Batch episode 13 ending explained

After helping the people of Ryloth in the last two episodes, especially the Syndulla family and future Rebel Hera, the Bad Batch is once again back on Ord Mantell to get their next mission. But unfortunately, Cid’s place is no longer Cid’s place — the parlor is overrun with armored guards and in Cid’s office is a Devaronian named Roland Durand. He’s the son of crime boss Isa Durand and is trying to make a name for himself by taking over Cid’s operation.

The Bad Batch finds Cid hiding out at their ship, and she tells them her place is near several key hyperspace routes, making it a prime target for Roland to take over with his working relationship with the Pykes. Clone Wars fans will remember the Pyke crime syndicate’s involvement in later seasons of the series. The Pyke spice dealers also briefly appeared in Solo: A Star Wars Story when Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Qi’ra and Tobias Beckett journey to Kessel to steal some of the Pyke’s coaxium.

Not surprisingly, Cid isn’t the type to let Roland win, so she already has a plan to take back her bar. That involves the group using the old Ord Mantell tunnels to sneak into her office and steal a shipment of spice that Roland planned to deliver to the Pyke syndicate for payment.

Though Hunter isn’t really on board with this plan, seeing as they’ve gone out on a limb for Cid countless times, Omega is again the one who pipes up to push him to help someone else in need. The journey through the tunnels to Cid’s office goes off smoothly — they’re able to retrieve all six crates of spice seconds before Roland returns to the office. And, the only issue was Wrecker dropping his flashlight while they quietly moved past a massive nest of irlings — giant, moth-like insects that don’t like loud noises.

The way back, however, was anything but smooth. When Roland finds his spice crates gone, he sends his guards into the tunnel to capture the Bad Batch and Cid. Unaware of the irling nest, the guards start shooting their blasters at the Bad Batch and Cid and waking up millions of bugs that start attacking everyone. Luckily, the group makes it out of the bug-filled cavern safely. But, all the crates of spice fell into the bugs’ nest.

While the Bad Batch bested Roland, the Pykes arrive to collect their payment, and they are not happy about the situation. In order to remain not on the Pyke’s bad side, the Bad Batch and Cid have to retrieve the spice that fell into the irling nest. As collateral, the Pykes keep Omega with them until the spice is delivered.

Back in the cavern, it’s a quiet touch-and-go mission for Wrecker and Cid, who successfully retrieve all six crates of spice even after being swarmed again by the irlings. Tech, thankfully, finishes a handy explosive light device at the last second, which scares off the bugs.

The episode wraps up with the Bad Batch delivering the spice to the Pykes and calling it a day. Roland, however, is not even with the Pykes, so they chop off one of his horns as punishment. They were about to execute the Devaronian, but Omega stepped in and begged them to spare his life while Cid warned the Pykes of starting a war with the Durand family.

Omega’s influence

There are two key moments in this episode that speak to Omega’s character. The first is when she pushes Hunter and the rest to come to Cid’s aid despite them feeling like their relationship is one-sided. She reminds her clone brothers of the ways Cid has helped them, including helping keep them a secret from the Empire while also giving them jobs and a safe space to hide.

The other moment is the episode’s final scene when Omega sticks up for Roland despite his bad behavior. When Hunter asks why she vouched for him, Omega says she’s not sure but claims Ruby — basically a space lizard — likes her and him, so Roland can’t be all bad, right?

Both of these moments show Omega’s influence on her clone brothers when it comes to them thinking beyond the black and white of people and situations. It’s also intriguing to see Omega come into her own voice and challenge her brothers’ world views. It may be a bit of a stretch, but Omega’s character is reminiscent of Padme Amidala, who always saw the good in people no matter how much bad they had done.

Former Bad Batcher Crosshair was absent this episode, but it’s possible we could see a similar situation play out between the two grown male clones and their younger sister fighting to save them both.

Crimson Dawn cameo?

With the Pyke syndicate popping up during the Clone Wars and now in The Bad Batch, we can’t help but wonder if the gangsters will appear again and entangle the clones in the age of the Empire’s criminal underbelly. During the Clone Wars and after, the group had dealings with Darth Maul and his Crimson Dawn enterprise and helped Death Watch take over Mandalore.

Could the appearance of the Pykes be a way to introduce Crimson Dawn to the world of the Bad Batch? Maybe a Darth Maul or Dryden Vos appearance in the future? There are three episodes left in this first season, so we’ll have to just wait and see.

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The Bad Batch episode 13, “Infested,” is available to stream now. Episode 14 drops next Friday, July 30, on Disney+.