The Bad Batch episode 13 synopsis, title, and runtime revealed

Omega stands with Hunter. "Infested." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of
Omega stands with Hunter. "Infested." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /

We’re getting down to the wire in Star Wars: The Bad BatchWith just a few more episodes left, it’s starting to feel like this won’t be a standalone story. It feels like The Bad Batch has so much story left to tell, and they’re likely going to need at least another season to do it.

In the previous episode, “Rescue on Ryloth,” we revisited Hera Syndulla and her family, who had found themselves in a predicament with the Empire. Hera had escaped just as the Empire was jailing her parents, and so she called on the Bad Batch and Omega to help her parents.

The Bad Batch nearly weren’t going to take her request. But with convincing thanks to Omega, the Bad Batch agreed to help. In the end, with the help of Captain Howzer, the mission was a success. But this only put a bigger target on their heads, one Crosshair is ready to aim at to take them down no matter what the cost.

So, what’s in store for the Bad Batch next? Disney+ has the info on the latest episode, which releases today, July 23.

The Bad Batch episode 13 synopsis, title and runtime

On Disney+, the official title for The Bad Batch episode 13 is “Infested.” The episode clocks in at about 29 minutes. Here’s what Disney+ writes as the official synopsis:

"To save a friend, the Batch plot a mission to sabotage a gangster’s operation."

Well, it looks like we have certainly moved on from the mini-Ryloth arc and are now moving on to another adventure. And the synopsis leaves much to the imagination. Who could this friend be that they’re helping? (The Bad Batch have only a small pool of friends as is.)

Also, who is the gangster they’re trying to sabotage? Star Wars is filled with all kinds of gangsters and criminals. And so much goes on in the underworld of Star Wars that isn’t just the fight of the Jedi against the Sith. So it looks like we’ll be getting a closer look at seeing Star Wars from the perspective of the less-Sithy, more criminal side of the galaxy.

Plus, the title “Infested” just leads to so many more questions as well. But the good thing is that The Bad Batch episode 13 is out on Disney+ now, so all can be revealed.

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