The first-look trailer for The Bad Batch episode 13 is out now

Cid leads the Bad Batch through a dark area. "Infested." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of
Cid leads the Bad Batch through a dark area. "Infested." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /

If you’re keeping up with The Bad Batch, the release of this week’s episode means we are so close to the ending of this season. With 16 episodes total (so only three left to go), it doesn’t quite feel like they’re ready to wrap up the entire Bad Batch story yet. So we’re hopeful that means The Bad Batch will continue past this 16-episode season.

But for now, we still have more new episodes to come. And episode 13 should hopefully be yet another good one. In the last episode, we wrapped up the story of Hera Syndulla and her family. It was an endearing one, especially to see what life was like for the young Star Wars Rebels character. And we even learned that there were more clones out there who didn’t necessarily abide by their inhibitor chip programing.

What happens next for the Bad Batch? Well, we know they’ll likely have another run-in with Crosshair soon. They probably sense that too, and so they can’t sleep lightly knowing their friend is still being controlled by the enemy.

We’ll likely see that come to a head by the penultimate episode and/or the finale. But for now, Star Wars is teasing what to expect for the Bad Batch in episode 13, and you can see that in the preview below.

The Bad Batch episode 13 trailer

In this episode, it looks like the tables are turning. For the past few episodes, it’s been Cid who’s helped the Bad Batch find their way. Yes, they have been doing some dangerous missions at her request. But it helped them get information about the bounty hunter tracking Omega. And she’s provided them financially as well for the jobs well done.

Now, it looks like it’s up to the Bad Batch to help Cid for once. We know Cid is quite bold on her own. But whatever the issue is, we’re sure she wouldn’t mind having the help of the courageous Clone Force 99 with her.

Also, the scary vibes are a plenty in this preview. Whatever was flying around in those brief moments, we don’t like it. And we hope Cid, Omega and the rest of the Bad Batch have what it takes to protect themselves from those things.

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The Bad Batch episode 13 is out now on Disney+