Tempest Runner: Everything we know about Cavan Scott’s next Star Wars audio drama

Star Wars: The High Republic: Tempest Runner. Photo: StarWars.com.
Star Wars: The High Republic: Tempest Runner. Photo: StarWars.com. /

The Star Wars: The High Republic publishing initiative began with a series of books and comics. Earlier this year, an audio drama joined the multimedia mix, and just over a month remains until fans can listen to it in full. Tempest Runner — written by Cavan Scott (The Rising Storm, Dooku: Jedi Lost) and narrated by a complete cast — continues the story of Lourna Dee, a Nihil higher-up with her heart set on taking Marchion Ro down for good. Maybe? We’ll see.

Here’s what you need to know about the Star Wars canon audio dramas Penguin Random House has given us so far – and what to expect from the publisher’s upcoming new release.

Star Wars audio dramas just don’t miss

And neither does Cavan Scott. Dooku: Jedi Lost was the first Star Wars audio drama to release under the Disney umbrella. It told the story of Count Dooku’s fall from the Jedi Order and the dark decisions that led to his defection. While Star Wars audiobooks are known for their high-quality production — complete with music and sound effects in addition to top-tier narration — this offered a full-scale production with a cast of actors in various roles.

Doctor Aphra: An Audiobook Original continued the trend with Sarah Kuhn’s adaption of several Star Wars comics that brought Doctor Aphra to life in fans’ ears for the very first time. While the story beats weren’t new, the audio drama combined stellar voice acting with other elements to create a worthwhile chance for more people to get to know Star Wars’ female, queer version of Indiana Jones.

While Jedi Lost focused on a well-known villain and made him the hero of his own narrative before he turned to the dark side, Tempest Runner focuses on a member of the Nihil who is very much an antagonist worth fearing.

Tempest Runner: Full cast and characters

The first wave of High Republic stories has since been followed by a second, and the story of Lourna Dee has only just begun to unfold.

Several previous Star Wars audiobook narrators will make their return in Tempest Runner, including Jessica Almasy, Marc Thompson, January Lavoy, Johathan Davis, and more. Here’s the full list of cast and characters from StarWars.com.

"JESSICA ALMASY as Lourna DeeDAN BITTNER as Councilor WittickORLAGH CASSIDY as Ola HestSULLIVAN JONES as BalaJANUARY LAVOY as TasiaKATHLEEN McINERNEY as Councilor FryTARA SANDS as SestinVIKAS ADAM as H7-09 & RaleighJONATHAN DAVIS as Andrik Keller & Asgar RoNEIL HELLEGERS as Kassav, Yudiah Dee, & JanoSASKIA MAARLEVELD as Parr & Avar KrissSONEELA NANKANI as Muglan & Keeve TrennisMARC THOMPSON as Pan Eyta, Sskeer, & Marchion RoSHANNON TYO as Quin & Nib Assek"

Tempest Runner release date and how to download

While it’s not necessary to read every book and comic that has been released as part of The High Republic publishing initiative so far, hitting the adult and young adult novels can offer more insight into Lourna Dee’s character and help you avoid spoilers.

The good news is, you still have just over a month to get caught up.

Tempest Runner will be available on Aug. 31 wherever you usually download your audiobooks.

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