5 best Star Wars Legends properties that should be brought into the canon

Star Wars: Legacy (2006-2010) #18. Photo: comiXology.com
Star Wars: Legacy (2006-2010) #18. Photo: comiXology.com /
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dawn of the jedi
Into the Void: Star Wars Legends (Dawn of the Jedi) (Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi – Legends). Photo: Amazon.com. /

2. Dawn Of The Jedi

One of the good things about the entirety of the Legends canon is that we got stories set not only hundreds of years after the time of the films, but also millennia before. It’s one of those stories set before that is not only primed to be brought into canon but is also a personal favorite.

Dawn of the Jedi is such a unique story in the way it conveys the origins of the JediThe primary setting of the series is the famed planet Tythonmost recently canonically featured in season 2 of The Mandalorian. One of the big points of the series is that it is set before the Light and Dark Sides became what we know them as today. The Je’daii are the predecessors of the modern Jedi, and we see that stuff such as corruption and invasion are things that have plagued them since the very beginning.

The best reason that this one would work in the canon is that it is set further back in the timeline than anything else in Legends or current canon. Aside from the fact that we understand it right now, the current planet of origin for the Jedi is Ahch-to. Even with that change, it would be no problem to reintroduce the series into the canon.

With the comic never having been finished, it is primed for an adaptation to not only bring back the characters but also finish the story. Perhaps as either a trilogy or a Disney+ series.