5 best Star Wars Legends properties that should be brought into the canon

Star Wars: Legacy (2006-2010) #18. Photo: comiXology.com
Star Wars: Legacy (2006-2010) #18. Photo: comiXology.com /
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Star Wars: Legacy
Star Wars: Legacy (2006-2010) #18. Photo: comiXology.com /

1. Star Wars Legacy

While I am one of the people that will defend the sequel trilogy and its overarching narrative themes of legacy, Star Wars Legacy is a perfect example of something that not only shows an understanding of what Star Wars is but in some ways better shows that theme of legacy and what that can mean to the galaxy.

Lasting for 55 issues, including the War miniseries, we follow Cade Skywalker and his journey as not only a survivor of a second Jedi purge but also as the last known descendant of Luke Skywalker.

What I love about this series is it perfectly balances the aforementioned themes of legacy and being apprehensive in confronting that, but also charting a new course and showing us as readers that while some characters may be connected to the Skywalker line, the franchise does not need to necessarily focus on the family in order to achieve an amazing story.

One of the things that help show that is the introduction of villain Darth KraytStarting life as someone with his own legacy to live up to and then charting his own course by becoming a Sith and creating his own empire, he is a beautifully compelling villain and a perfect example having villains aside from Palpatinesuch as Grand Admiral Thrawn.

The big issue with bringing this one into canon is that we have no idea right now if Luke had any family in the events between Return of The Jedi and The Last Jedi. Even if it was the case that he did not, it could always be rewritten that Cade is not his descendant. It could be more of a fanboy request to bring this series into canon, but it is one of the best stories ever written for the franchise, so it would be a waste to have it struck from the narrative.

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