How old is Omega in The Bad Batch? She’s not the youngest clone

Omega aboard the Marauder. The Bad Batch. "Devil's Deal." Courtesy of
Omega aboard the Marauder. The Bad Batch. "Devil's Deal." Courtesy of /

Season 1 of The Bad Batch has come to a close, and the finale has left Star Wars fans with plenty more questions than answers. Omega remains one of the series’ most pressing questions, and many season 2 predictions revolve around her character and what we will see her do next.

Here’s everything we know about Omega, including her age compared to the rest of Clone Force 99.

Everything we learned about Omega in The Bad Batch season 1

From the beginning, Omega has been one of The Bad Batch’s biggest mysteries. Who was she? Where did she come from? Why was she so interested in the Batch — and why was Nala Se so protective of her?

Over the course of season 1, we learned that both Boba Fett (“Alpha”) and Omega were created with Jango Fett’s DNA. Omega wasn’t just a clone like her brothers — she was enhanced and extremely valuable, which explained why the Kaminoans wanted to stop at nothing to force her back home.

At the end of season 1, we also learned the truth about Omega’s age. Though the Bad Batch appear to be adults and Omega presents as a child, their ages aren’t so conventional.

The Bad Batch: How old is Omega?

While we don’t know Omega’s exact age in numbers yet, it was implied in episode 15 — and confirmed in episode 16 — that she is older than the other members of the Bad Batch. She was already old enough to remember them being experimented on in Nala Se’s private lab before leaving her alone again.

Like Boba Fett, Omega does not appear to age at an accelerated rate as other Kamino-born clones do. So even though Hunter and the rest of her brothers are technically older because they age faster, at the time of The Bad Batch, she has been alive longer in standard years.

Unfortunately, since we don’t know when she was created, there’s no telling exactly how old she is. Though, from her appearance and normal aging, she should be about the age of a typical adolescent child, just still comparatively older than the Bad Batch.

What other secrets is Omega hiding?

Kaminoans keep a lot of secrets — or they did when they were still around to have secrets to keep (too soon?). The secret underwater tunnels and Nala Se’s private lab likely aren’t the only things Omega has kept from her brothers, intentionally or otherwise.

Did Omega and Boba Fett ever meet? Does Omega know what the Empire might want with Kamino’s best scientist? Is she keeping a Baby Yoda-sized secret that might create a delightful bridge between her animated timeline and The Mandalorian?

We will likely learn more about Omega’s origins and former life on Kamino in season 2 as she comes to terms with losing the only place she ever called home.

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