What happens to Omega in The Bad Batch finale?

Omega with her energy bow. "Return to Kamino." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of StarWars.com.
Omega with her energy bow. "Return to Kamino." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of StarWars.com. /

Warning! This article contains spoilers for The Bad Batch episode 16.

One of the newest characters in the Star Wars canon is Omega. And for 16 episodes, she’s been the heart of the Bad Batch — both the crew and the series.

The loveable clone has certainly left her mark on Clone Force 99, and every step of the way, she’s been that voice inside of their head telling them to do the right thing. But, even Omega comes with her own complications — as we found out during the middle of the series that she is highly valued.

As a clone made of first-generation DNA from Boba Fett, Prime Minister Lama Su wanted Omega back on Kamino so they could harvest her precious genetic material. Lama Su was bent on having Omega terminated after that. But thanks to Nala Se’s efforts, Omega was safe with the Bad Batch, and Lama Su ended up perishing at the hand of the Empire.

And while Omega was safe (for the most part) after that, the danger ramped up once again when the clone force returned to Kamino to save Hunter in the two-part finale. With the clones all in one place, Vice Admiral Rampart called for a strike to be placed down on the clone facility. Episode 15 left fans off on a cliffhanger as the clones were stranded. So, was Omega safe in the ultimate finale episode?

Does Omega survive in The Bad Batch finale?

Thankfully, no harm came to Omega by the end of episode 16, titled “Kamino Lost”. The hardest part for the little clone was to navigate her way out of the sinking facility. First, her obstacle was to free herself and Crosshair from a locked chamber about to flood. Then, it was finding a way out of the facility and avoiding the gigantic monster that lurked in the water. And finally, her last trial of survival came as she exited her escape pod in the sea to save the droid AZI from dying at the depths of the water.

This was Omega’s closest call that episode. And in an odd turn of events, it was actually Crosshair who ended up saving them both, using a grappling hook to pull the near-death beings out of the water.

And so, Omega had a lot of close calls this season. And now, she’s safe with the Bad Batch once again as they find their way in this changing galaxy. It’s possible she and the Bad Batch will continue to do missions for Cid when season 2 rolls around. But the stakes should certainly be higher next season. So we’re sure the group won’t be safe for long.

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