The Bad Batch season 1: Who died in the series?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch, “Cornered,” now streaming on Disney+! Photo: Disney+
Star Wars: The Bad Batch, “Cornered,” now streaming on Disney+! Photo: Disney+ /

Star Wars fans are used to witnessing the deaths of their favorite major and minor characters. While The Bad Batch season 1 miraculously kept all of its main characters alive, the show also eliminated plenty of players.

Many characters viewers thought would die did not, and there were even a few characters audiences assumed were dead that appear to have survived the series finale.

The Bad Batch: Who everyone thought would die

Many deathly predictions targeted certain main characters throughout the season. Because it’s unclear if the Bad Batch survives long past the end of the Clone Wars, it’s a common belief that members of Clone Force 99 will drop off as the series continues.

Wrecker could have died when his chip malfunctioned and he went into full “good soldier” mode, but Rex and his brothers saved him before things got too dark.

Many were set on either Hunter or Crosshair dying at the end of season 1. Hunter could have easily sacrificed himself to save any of his brothers, Crosshair included. The latter would not have been the first antagonist to die in Star Wars after realizing they were in the wrong. Both, however, survived.

Who died in The Bad Batch season 1?

Caleb Dume’s Jedi Master Depa Billaba was among the first to die in The Bad Batch‘s preliminary season; she was killed during Order 66. Also in the season’s beginning, Crosshair was responsible for the deaths of a squad member and a group of Saw Garrera’s refugees as one of his first acts as a loyal member of the Galactic Empire.

One major notable death was Taun We, killed by Fennec Shand as she intercepted Cad Bane’s delivery of Omega back under Nala Se’s care. Taun We was one of the Kaminoans we met in Attack of the Clones; she escorted Obi-Wan to the Fett residence.

Many, many stormtroopers and clones were also fictionally eliminated in the making of this animated season of television, but no main characters died.

Did Orn Free Taa die in The Bad Batch?

Senator Orn Free Taa first appeared in the Star Wars prequel films and had more appearances in The Clone Wars TV series before appearing again in The Bad Batch. He was shot at in “Devil’s Deal,” leading many to believe the results were lethal.

Taa didn’t actually die in the episode, however. He was the victim of an “attempted” assassination. In canon, his character appears later in the timeline in the Lords of the Sith novel.

Did Lama Su die?

Lama Su first appeared in Attack of the Clones and made his unsurprising return in The Bad Batch. He didn’t trust the Empire and feared that he would lose control of his cloning operations, and was deemed himself untrustworthy by Admiral Rampart. In one scene, he was surrounded by soldiers with weapons drawn, and the doors to the room closed before audiences found out what happened next.

It’s implied that Lama Su was taken into custody by the Empire on counts of treason instead of killed on Kamino, which could mean we’ll see him again at some point in the future.

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Who did you expect would die in The Bad Batch season 1?