Star Wars honors the Holiday Special with new Life Day comic

Marvel comics Star Wars: Life Day #1. Photo courtesy of
Marvel comics Star Wars: Life Day #1. Photo courtesy of /

Star Wars may try as it likes to bury the infamous Holiday Specialbut the spirit of that 1978 feature still lives on. And, honestly, even Star Wars itself can’t let go of it — especially when it comes to the holiday that was created for it, Life Day.

Announced just today, revealed that Life Day would get its own comic this year — and it’ll be just in time for the holiday season.

Officially titled Star Wars: Life Day #1, this will come from Marvel Comics and will be a one-shot, written by multiple writers, including The High Republic’s Cavan Scott and Justina Ireland, as well as Jody Houser and Steve Orlando.

What is the Life Day comic about?

Life Day #1 will feature Wookiees like it did in the Holiday Special, but the story won’t be nearly as campy or weird. (At least, we think.) Star Wars provided a synopsis of the comic, and it sounds like it will be about an exciting adventure with Chewie and Han as the scoundrel learns about the true meaning of Life Day.

Here’s the synopsis for the comic:

"Happy LIFE DAY! Celebrate the galaxy’s favorite holiday with a collection of festive tales from all across the STAR WARS SAGA! Life Day is the last thing on HAN SOLO’S mind when he and CHEWBACCA find themselves outgunned and under fire. But Chewie won’t give up hope, remembering the lessons of Life Days past and present. As for Life Days yet to come… well, they’ll have to survive the night first!"

Star Wars: Life Day comic cover

The cover for the comic, which they also revealed today, is quite charming. It features Chewbacca and Han Solo on the cover, with Chewbacca holding a glowing orb of some sort. Meanwhile, Wookiees in red robes stand in the background, almost as if they are a wailing choir ready to sing some festive Life Day tunes.

Star Wars mentions the astounding cover was done by artist Phil Noto, and we have that pictured below.

Marvel comics Star Wars: Life Day #1. Photo courtesy of
Marvel comics Star Wars: Life Day #1. Photo courtesy of /

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Look out for Star Wars: Life Day #1 when it becomes available in November.