How long was Pedro Pascal on Game of Thrones?

Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) in HBO's GAME OF THRONES season 4. Photo: HBO.
Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) in HBO's GAME OF THRONES season 4. Photo: HBO. /

Pedro Pascal has had many roles over the years. But Star Wars fans know him best as Din Djarin from in the live-action series The Mandalorian.

As the Mandalorian, Pascal acts as the lone wolf bounty hunter who soon finds himself wrapped up in a bounty problem bigger than himself. Well, technically, the bounty itself is completely smaller than him (that’s Baby Yoda, by the way). But the quest that he goes on with the Child leads him on an adventure that would affect the entire galaxy.

Before Pascal appeared in The Mandalorian in 2019, though, he appeared in another extremely popular television show on HBO: Game of Thrones. There, Pascal played the character Oberyn Martell, a prince from Dorne who had a vendetta against the Lannister family.

Pascal’s character Oberyn became pretty popular, but he wasn’t nearly around as long in Thrones as he was in The Mandalorian. So, how long did Pedro Pascal appear on Game of Thrones?

Pedro Pascal episodes in Game of Thrones

Pedro Pascal was only in Game of Thrones for one season. That was 2014’s season 4, in which he appeared in the following seven episodes:

  • “Two Swords” (S4E1)
  • “The Lion and the Rose” (S4E2)
  • “Breaker of Chains” (S4E3)
  • “First of His Name” (S4E5)
  • “The Laws of Gods and Men” (S4E6)
  • “Mockingbird” (S4E7)
  • “The Mountain and the Viper” (S4E8)

As you can imagine, there’s a clearly logical reason as to why Oberyn Martell only appeared in seven episodes — this is Game of Thrones, after all. If you’re considering watching Game of Thrones because you’re a Pedro Pascal fan, definitely do it. The eight-season series is highly entertaining, even if Pascal only appears in one season.

Or, if you need a brief refresher as to what happens to Oberyn, spoilers follow down below.

Naturally, Oberyn Martell did meet his end in the final episode that he appeared in. The prince arrived in King’s Landing in time for Joffrey’s wedding, but came mainly seeking revenge for the death of his sister (who he suspected was killed by the Mountain) and her children.

In the end, Oberyn got his wish to seek revenge against the Mountain, battling against him in the trial for Tyrion Lannister. While Oberyn did eventually have the upperhand in the fight, wounding the Mountain badly, the maimed warrior eventually gathered enough strength to pin the prince down and brutally gouge his eyes in — in what could literally be called a mind-blowing move.

Unlike Star Wars, most characters don’t return from the dead in Game of Thrones, so that would be the last he appeared in the series. But still, it freed Pascal up for other projects, and we’re thankful The Mandalorian would be one of them.

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