Disney+ reveals the surprising Star Wars cameos you might have missed

John Williams is Oma Tres in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. Photo: StarWars.com.
John Williams is Oma Tres in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. Photo: StarWars.com. /

Since its beginning, Star Wars has been well-known for its large casts of characters. In addition to the main cast of familiar faces, each movie features dozens of background characters, some only ever appearing on the big screen for mere seconds. In the prequel and sequel trilogies, various actors have stepped in to make easy-to-miss cameos. A new Disney+ featurette reveals 10 of these cameos you may have missed.

Actors and creators both familiar and new to Star Wars have made cameos throughout the franchise’s 11 live-action films. Anthony Daniels, John Williams, Mark Hamill, and Ahmed Best all stepped out of their usual Star Wars roles to portray different characters on-screen.

Kiera Knightley portrayed Sabé, one of Padmé’s handmaidens in The Phantom Menace. Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame appeared in The Rise of Skywalker. Simon Pegg portrayed Unkar Plutt in The Force Awakens. Joseph Gordon-Levitt even got mad at Finn and Rose for parking in the wrong spot on Canto Bight.

Even The Maker himself, George Lucas, had a cameo in Revenge of the Sith. He appeared briefly as the character Notluwiski Papanoida. What a name.

Star Wars cameos

It’s interesting that so many celebrities have jumped at the chance to appear in a Star War. Many of these cameos don’t show the actor’s faces or feature their voices — and if they do, they’re often deliberately unrecognizable. So if they don’t do it for the “I’ve been in a Star Wars movie” badge, they must do it because they can. Hey. Why not?

Actors like Hamill and Daniels, who played the same characters respectively across multiple movies for years, had the benefit of getting to play a different part for a day. Getting to experience the magic of making a Star Wars film from a slightly different perspective must have been quite memorable.

While these aren’t the only cameos on record, they may just be the most surprising, and likely aren’t the last ones we’ll see in the decades to come.

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Which actors do you want to make a Star Wars cameo appearance next?