Veteran Star Wars voice actor Tom Kane enters early retirement

Tom Kane (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)
Tom Kane (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images) /

Tom Kane, the voice actor behind Grand Master Yoda in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and various others has been forced to retire due to poor health. In 2020, the veteran performer suffered a stroke and is still suffering the effects almost a year on. His daughter, Sam Kane, posted an update to her father’s Facebook page (via Star Wars News Net) issuing an update on his health.

According to Sam’s post, she said that her dad’s stroke was simply “too severe,” and while he knows what he wants to say, he can’t get them out due to the damage that the ailment has caused to Tom’s speech center. He is now relying on several forms of communication to get out what he wants to say.

Though, she said he can now say a handful of words with an issue. She ends the post saying her father is practicing his signature so he is more than happy to continue signing autographs it is so sad that such a talented man has been forced to give up what he loves. Sam has also posted her Instagram handle @samiikane so fans can keep up to date on her dad’s progress. She also posted a P.O. Box address for fan mail.

Tom Kane enters retirement

While it is disheartening to learn that one of our favorite voice actors won’t be heard again, it is nice to hear that he loves his fans as much as we love and adore him. We wish Kane luck in his recovery and thank you to Sam for keeping everyone updated. You’ll be in our hearts forever, Kane!

If there are any more updates, we’ll cover it. Tom Kane is a member of the Star Wars fanbase and will always be. To finish this off, Sam reposted to her Instastories that Kane has been in contact with his friend and colleague, Phil LaMarr.

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