LEGO Star Wars creeps into the Halloween spirit with five brand new shorts

LEGO® Star Wars Terrifying Tales
LEGO® Star Wars Terrifying Tales /

LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales is set to start Disney+’s annual Halloweenstream event with a scare on Friday, Oct. 1.

The LEGO wing of the Star Wars brand, however, is kicking things off early as five brand new shorts have been released ahead of the movie’s premiere.

Featuring characters from The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch, these shorts (via The Direct) are a fun way to get into the spirit as we move closer to October and the spookiest time of the year.

Here’s what we know about LEGO Star Wars‘ Halloween-themed shorts and how you can watch them!

Where to watch the new Lego Star Wars Halloween shorts

All five of the LEGO Star Wars Halloween shorts are available on the LEGO YouTube channel via their Celebrate the Season: LEGO Star Wars Halloween Celebration playlist. It also includes the trailer for LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales and a compilation of all the shorts. You can also watch them all together in the video down below.

The following are the titles for each short along with a synopsis:

Celebrate the Season: Ghost Ship – Ghosts seem to be haunting Moff Gideon’s light cruiser, interrupting his card game he’s got going with some stormtroopers. But is the ship really haunted or can the spooky happenings be blamed on Mando and Grogu who have snuck aboard?

Celebrate the Season: Carving up the Competition – In an alternate take of the Siege of Mandalore, Ahsoka Tano and Darth Maul are waged in an epic battle to see who can carve the best jack o’ lantern. Each competitor has a cheering section with Bo Katan rooting for Ahsoka and Gar Saxon gunning for Darth Maul to win while the stormtroopers cheer him on, too.

Celebrate the Season: Trick or Treat – When Mando lands in Moff Gideon’s light cruiser, he’s on a singular mission: Find Grogu. However, he’s waylaid when going door-to-door by the storm troopers’ Halloween celebrations as they hand out candy without Grogu immediately in sight.

Celebrate the Season: Scary Starship – Boba Fett and Mando are trying to outdo one another in a decorating contest for Boba’s ship. Their designs are both wild and creepy, however, another contestant unexpectedly swoops in with a design that could steal the win from them both.

Celebrate the Season: Pumpkin Batch – The Bad Batch are on a mission to collect pumpkins from a patch for some villagers. To do so, they’ll have to take down the battle droids occupying the pumpkin patch. It should be an easy peasy mission, however, an old friend’s arrival gums up the works of their plans.

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