Star Wars: Visions episodes ranked from worst to best

Star Wars: Visions English key art. Courtesy of
Star Wars: Visions English key art. Courtesy of /
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“The Elder.” Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of
“The Elder.” Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of /

8. Star Wars: Visions – Episode 7: “The Elder”

Like “Akakiri,” the storytelling in “The Elder” isn’t as strong as in the other short films, but it does play into a theme that’ll resonate with Star Wars fans, i.e., the passing of power from one generation to the next. Dan, a padawan who has yet to see the folly in being eager to fight, is excited when his master senses a disturbance in the Force, which brings them both to the planet Habo.

While there, the two engage in an anticlimactic fight with a former Sith. This bit of information is important because in this timeline, the Sith have been gone for hundreds of years. The old man they fight has combed the galaxy for worthy opponents.

This Sith finds Dan to be lacking and cuts him down fairly easily (though didn’t deal a killing blow). However, his master Tajin is exactly the kind of fighter this ancient evil wants to face.

There’s a lot of talk about the strength one has while in their prime and the inevitable decay that each person will experience as they age. Essentially, “The Elder” is about recognizing that the sun sets in everyone’s life no matter how powerful they are and someone will rise in their place. It’s how the world works.

The short film’s placement as second to last has to do with its characterization. Dan’s eagerness can be grating. There’s also the fact that nothing much happens in this episode outside of the fight which is true of “The Duel” as well but that short film was better executed.

Animation studio: Trigger

Runtime: 17 minutes

Synopsis: Dan, a padawan eager to see action in the field, gets his wish when he and his master Tajin land on the planet Habo in the Outer Rim. The disturbance in the force that his master felt is somewhere in Habo’s mountains. It’s ancient, strong, and waiting for an opponent. Dan is about to learn that you should be careful about what you wish for.


English dub

  • David Harbour as Tajin
  • Jordan Fisher as Dan
  • James Hong as The Elder

Japanese cast

  • Takaya Hashi as Tajin
  • Yuichi Nakamura as Dan
  • Kenichi Ogata as The Elder)