Star Wars: Visions episodes ranked from worst to best

Star Wars: Visions English key art. Courtesy of
Star Wars: Visions English key art. Courtesy of /
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“T0-B1.” Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of
“T0-B1.” Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of /

2. Star Wars: Visions – Episode 6: T0-B1

Pure and simple, “T0-B1” is going to be a favorite for Disney fans. It’s odd and magical with a youthful spirit that’s a joy to watch.

T0-B1 has a destiny that viewers wouldn’t expect from a droid; he has a dream that seems like it would be impossible to achieve. He wants to be a Jedi. However, his purpose is to help his creator Professor Mitaka develop life on their planet.

What makes “T0-B1” exceptional, beyond the smile the short film can bring to your face, is that it’s a story about change and a parent’s acceptance of their child’s calling that differs from what they’d previously conceived.

There’s also a reveal that older viewers will likely guess, but that’s still wonderful when it happens as is the fight sequence that follows as T0-B1 takes on a Sith he accidentally brought to their planet earlier in the short film.

Plus, there’s a brief transformation sequence that’ll excite viewers who grew up with cartoons with moments where the characters level up to a more powerful form.

“T0-B1” has some of the tightest storytelling in Star Wars: Visions, and though it includes a death scene, it’s full of life and a message about the younger generation continuing the work of those that came before while also being true to themselves and their wants for their lives.

Animation studio: Science Saru

Runtime: 14 minutes

Synopsis: T0-B1 is a droid who dreams of being a Jedi Knight, but his duty is to help Professor Mitaka establish life on their barren planet. With the help of the other droids, he does as the professor says, fulfilling his responsibilities but dreaming all the while of adventures in other parts of the galaxy. Seeing that his young charge is distracted by his dreams, Mitaka sends him on a mission to find a Kyber Crystal, but it’s one that will prove dangerous for T0-B1 and everyone in their lab.


English dub

  • Jaden Waldman as T0-B1
  • Kyle Chandler as Mitaka

Japanese cast

  • Masako Nozawa as T0-B1
  • Tsutomu Isobe as Mitaka