Star Wars: Visions episode 3: “The Twins” ending explained

"The Twins." Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of
"The Twins." Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of /

After being announced all the way back in December of 2020, the new anthology series Star Wars: Visions is finally here!

The animated show is being handled by several different veteran Japanese studios and offers tales that take place in a slightly different galaxy far, far away, giving creators the freedom to explore the Star Wars mythos without being tied down to details of the canon.

Episode 3 of the series is entitled “The Twins” and was animated by Studio Trigger, who are also responsible for episode 7, “The Elder” as well as being the force behind popular anime shows such as Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia.

Returning Star Wars to its Japanese roots

“The Twins” stars the English voice talents of Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, Starship Troopers) as Karre and Alison Brie (Community, Glow) as his twin sister called Am.

A microcosm of the entire Star Wars story, “The Twins” offers a galaxy much like the one we’re familiar with. But instead of an Emperor and his cyborg enforcer in black, the Dark Side has spawned a pair of Force wielders who are destined to rule the galaxy side by side. Of course, destiny has other plans.

Family drama has always been at the core of the Star Wars story. So, when brother Karre steals the planet-destroying kyber crystal, sister Am takes it personally. By the end, Karre is free of his Dark Side trapping but still hasn’t given up on his sister.

In all likelihood, we may never see this story continued. Much in the style of Marvel’s What If…?, we are offered a glimpse at an impossible story that leaves us wondering to ourselves what could have been. Will Karre help to redeem his sister? Will he die trying?

We also suspect that the folks at Studio Trigger are big fans of The Last Jedi. Several scenes echo shots seen in Episode VIII such as when the twins are vying for control over the kyber crystal in a shot for shot reliving of the iconic scene where Rey and Kylo Ren are playing force tug-of-war with Anakin’s lightsaber. Another can be seen right at the climax when Karre finally overcomes the crystal’s power and destroys the Gemini class Star Destroyer in a lighting display that is clearly inspired by Vice Admiral Holdo’s hyperspace sacrifice that left audiences gasping.

Fortunately, the galaxy is big enough to have it all. All nine episodes of the anthology series are streaming exclusively on Disney+ with plenty more Star Wars to come in 2021!

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