Star Wars: Visions episode 6: “T0-B1” ending explained

"T0-B1." Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of
"T0-B1." Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of /

In Star Wars, it isn’t every day that we get something so cute, upbeat, and yet still moving. But that’s exactly what we got when it came to “T0-B1,” the sixth episode of Star Wars: Visions.

This roughly 15-minute Disney+ short comes from the studio Science Saru, and features just two main characters. The first is the titular droid named T0-B1, voiced by Jaden Waldman in the English dub. And the second character is Professor Mitaka, voiced by Kyle Chandler in the English dub.

The droid (who goes by “Tobi”) and the professor share a special bond as one of the only ones on their planet — including the handful of his worker droids. But while it is the professor’s dream to bring life to the desolate planet they’re on, Tobi’s dreams are even bigger than that: to become a Jedi. Here’s what the ending of “T0-B1″ was all about.

Star Wars: Visions episode 6 ending explained

This short was quite the emotional rollercoaster as we followed along with the firecracker droid, Tobi. As we learned, it was Tobi’s dream to become a Jedi — even though there was no real precedent for droids to become Jedi in the first place. Professor Mitaka didn’t seem to mind. And in fact, when Tobi accidentally set off the signal for the Inquisitor to find them, the professor even gave his lightsaber to Tobi.

Following Mitaka’s death, we saw T0-B1 work tirelessly to bring life to the planet and eventually he did. But something stirred the Inquisitor’s senses to return to the planet, and there he found T0-B1, who he believed was a Jedi. With the droid looking nothing like a human, it was a bit strange for the Inquisitor to believe Tobi was a Jedi. But at the same time, the droid alluded to something calling to him earlier — and we can only believe it was the Force reaching out to the droid to pull him toward his destiny. This may be non-canonical, but it’s an interesting concept to think that the Force can even interact with non-organic life.

In the end, T0-B1 merged with one of Mitaka’s smaller droids to become more powerful. And with the use of Mitaka’s lightsaber, they were able to defeat the Inquisitor. It’s certainly a huge feat — to defeat such a high-ranking person within the Empire — but it proved that Tobi certainly was following his destiny, and he wasn’t done yet. Tobi made his goals quite clear. Even though it’s a dangerous time for the Force-sensitive, that wouldn’t stop the little droid from honoring the professor by helping other people around the galaxy.

Obviously, a full series following the adventures of T0-B1 as he finally sees the galaxy would be awesome. But, in the true spirit of Tobi’s dreamer nature, we can only imagine the wonderful places he would go on his quest to help the galaxy.

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