What is Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds on Disney+?

The Millennium Falcon enters hyperspace. Photo: StarWars.com.
The Millennium Falcon enters hyperspace. Photo: StarWars.com. /

Star Wars recently premiered Star Wars: Visions on Disney+ this week, but there’s another Star Wars series that’s now available on the platform.

Released at the end of September, the series is called Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds, and it was one of the little-publicized releases that has come to the streaming service. Though, we did catch wind of its arrival prior to its release this week.

So, what is Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds? The best way to describe it is “Star Wars ASMR.” As the name implies, this Disney+ series is all about sound. And there are seven shorts total, all lasting about 8 minutes long, that are a compilation of sounds from the Skywalker saga based on the theme of that episode. It’s very avant-garde, even for Star Wars. But depending on how you feel about ASMR, this series is either going to be very satisfying… or possibly a little cringe-worthy.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds explained

To be honest, most of the episodes are decently good. The first themes like “Wonder” and “Excitement” highlight all the fun sound effects and natural ambiance found in a galaxy far, far away.

But because you’re taking scenes from the movie and stripping out the soundtrack and dialogue (but leaving in the beep-boops from droids and sounds from creatures), things can get a little awkward.

Take, for instance, the “Connections” short, which emphasizes the sounds heard when two people in Star Wars connect. (Yes, it’s safe for work!) While it is artistically creative, seeing the scenes play out with two people sharing a moment together in completely awkward silence with nothing but sound effects is comedy at its finest. (Just take the 2017 The Mummy trailer, for example, that was accidentally released with nearly no sound. Pure. Comedy. Gold.)

But, that’s not to take a knock at the awesome sound design that goes into the Star Wars movies. There’s a reason sound gets nominated for Academy Awards when it comes to the Star Wars films. So if you do want to appreciate both the great sights and sounds in a galaxy far, far away, you should definitely check out Star Wars: Galaxy of Sounds.

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