Poe Dameron became a living legend in LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales

Poe Dameron and Dean in LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales. Photo: Disney+.
Poe Dameron and Dean in LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales. Photo: Disney+. /

After Poe Dameron crash-lands on Mustafar in LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales, he is treated like a celebrity and living legend.

When Graballa the Hutt hears the name Poe Dameron, he is ecstatic to be in the company of the pilot who blew up Starkiller Base and who led the Resistance in the Battle of Exegol. Always focused on how to expand his business, Graballa treats Poe like a VIP. Graballa hopes that Poe can provide a celebrity endorsement and become the official spokesman for his Sith-inspired hotel.

Meanwhile, the enthusiastic, hardworking, and young mechanic Dean doesn’t even need to hear Poe’s name to know that he is in the company of a celebrity. He knows who Poe is just by looking at him and is starstruck and overjoyed to meet “THE Poe Dameron.”

The reactions of Graballa and Dean — two characters with completely different backgrounds, personalities, and motivations — show how people all over the galaxy know of Poe Dameron and his heroic actions against the First Order. If they know about Poe, they almost certainly know about Rey and Finn and their heroics as well.

In a short span of time — the sequel trilogy films take place over the course of a year — Poe and the others have become celebrities and living legends, much like Luke, Han, and Leia were after their actions during the Galactic Civil War.

This was most evident in how these legacy characters were viewed in The Force Awakens and how Rey, Finn, and Poe interacted with them. Even Rey who was living on Jakku in the middle of nowhere in the galaxy knew had heard of the legendary Luke Skywalker.

The sequel trilogy characters still feel relatively new to fans and don’t seem to carry the legendary weight of characters like Luke, Han, and Leia. But in the post-Rise of Skywalker timeline, and to Dean and others in the next generation, Poe, Rey, and Finn are just as iconic and inspiring.

It is cool to see this happening in the Star Wars universe and it is an important reminder of what the sequel trilogy characters represent to the generation that is growing up with them. For many people who’ve become Star Wars fans in recent years, the sequel trilogy characters will always be the characters who they connected with and who got them invested in a galaxy far, far away.

Most importantly, Poe lives up to his reputation in Terrifying Tales by helping Dean to save the day and to teach him a valuable lesson about fear. Hopefully, more future Star Wars stories will continue to show the positive impact that Poe, Rey, Finn, and other sequel trilogy characters have on the galaxy and for generations to come.

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