Rumor: New details on The Book of Boba Fett leaked scene emerge

Temuera Morrison is Boba Fett in The Mandalorian season 2.
Temuera Morrison is Boba Fett in The Mandalorian season 2. /

The song “Bad” by Michael Jackson comes to mind after hearing about the latest rumors for The Book of Boba Fett series. And for someone who has long been the coolest character in all of Star Wars, it’s good to see the series reportedly wants to keep that reputation for him.

For this, as we dive into rumors, we have to first warn you to take this with a grain of salt. But second, we advise a spoiler warning because there’s a high probability that the latest rumored scene will actually be a part of the new series. So, if you’re a little bit curious about the latest leaks for The Book of Boba Fett, let’s continue.

This latest leak/rumor comes from Star Wars News Net, who have gotten a lot of intel recently on the new Star Wars series in the works. And according to a report from them yesterday, Boba Fett will be going up against a rancor. You know, the almighty beast Luke Skywalker once had to fend off while trapped in Jabba the Hutt’s palace.

As they note in the report, what’s unclear is what Boba Fett is actually doing with the rancor. They provide their own artistic rendering based on what they’ve heard, though. (Note: This is not official concept art from Lucasfilm, but simply a photo they commissioned based on what they’ve heard.)

In the photo, Boba Fett is seen standing on the back of the rancor, which is what they’ve heard will happen during that scene. But they don’t know for sure whether it means Boba Fett is fighting off the rancor or trying to control it. The whole time, the creature is supposedly tearing its way through the streets of some city, which they posit is likely on Tatooine.

The Book of Boba Fett details

It’s all starting to come together, seeing as Jabba the Hutt apparently has a thing for rancors. This year in The Bad Batch, the team had a mission to deliver a rancor named Muchi to the Hutt. And the rancor that Luke killed was named Pateesa. So, did rancors continue to live on in the Hutt palace past Jabba’s death?

If so, we can certainly imagine Boba and Fennec Shand inspecting their new digs, only to find that a live rancor was down there. Perhaps they accidentally opened a door and found out too late that a rancor was kept there. Maybe they try to move it out, but things get totally out of hand. Or, if it has nothing to do with the palace, then it could be as simple as Boba Fett encountering a rancor that’s on the loose in the streets and doing his best to contain the beast to save the town.

Only time will tell if this scene makes it into the show. In the report, they have said that two separate sources confirmed this information. So it has the potential to be an exciting scene. And thankfully, the countdown to The Book of Boba Fett is finally winding down. The series will premiere on Disney+ on Dec. 29, and we’ll get a special look at the character on Disney+ Day, which is on Nov. 12.

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