Chris Evans heads to outer space in Pixar’s new Lightyear trailer

Lightyear teaser poster. Photo: Disney/Pixar.
Lightyear teaser poster. Photo: Disney/Pixar. /

Disney’s Lucasfilm usually gets to have all the fun when it comes to movies that take place in a galaxy far, far away. But now, Pixar is also getting back in on the space-movie fun, as they’ve just released the trailer for their newest film, Lightyear.

This film is a spinoff of the Toy Story franchise, and it does feature Buzz Lightyear, but it’s not the one you think. This Lightyear is voiced by Chris Evans, and he plays the fictional man that the fictional toy is based on.

As weird as the premise may be, it probably, definitely wasn’t the Pixar movie that fans had ever asked for. (Since when did Buzz Lightyear have a backstory, to begin with?) But after watching the trailer, you’ll see it’s definitely the Pixar movie we deserve. It even looks a little more prestige than their other films, but Pixar has always had a command over handling mature themes in family-friendly movies. So we’ll see how this one ends up being a tearjerker at the end. (Does Buzz Lightyear die? I hope he doesn’t die.)

See for yourself in the trailer below!

Pixar’s Lightyear

Since we’re a Star Wars site, I have to point out just how awesome this looks for all those fans who love outer space. We haven’t really gotten something like this from Pixar since WALL-E in 2008, so the studio was well overdue for another space flick.

In the trailer, there are even a few elements that looked like they borrowed inspiration from Star Wars. For example, the scene around 0:56 looks unmistakably like Dagobah, when Luke and Artoo arrived on the planet to find master Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back. But instead, in this film, you have Lightyear arriving on a swampy-looking planet with his own ship and robo friend — so maybe he’ll be looking to find a little alien wise-man too?

All that being said, I’m quite excited about this film. Chris Evans. Disney/Pixar. It’s a winning combination! And the movie will be flying into theaters on June 17, 2022.

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