Next round of Star Wars Essential Legends books announced for April 2022

Star Wars Essential Legends third wave. Photo courtesy of Del Rey books.
Star Wars Essential Legends third wave. Photo courtesy of Del Rey books. /

Make room on your shelf (er, probably shelves) of books, there’s another round of Star Wars Essential Legends Collection trade paperbacks coming.

The next slate of books getting revamped with new cover art includes:

  • Kenobi by John Jackson Miller (art by Gregory Manchess)
  • Darth Plagueis by James Luceno (art by Qistina Khalidah)
  • X-Wing: Wedge’s Gamble by Michael A. Stackpole (art by Doaly)
  • Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil by Drew Karpyshyn (art by Simon Goinard)

The four new paperbacks will be available on April 5, 2022. Star Wars book publisher Del Rey also said Wedge’s Gamble will get a new unabridged audiobook edition.

The novel Kenobi follows the lone Master Jedi as he navigates the galaxy in the earliest days after the fall of the Republic, the emergence of the Empire and the turn of his former Padawan Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side. The dark and popular Darth Plagueis weaves the story of the rise of Palpatine and the machinations behind the scenes alongside his former Dark Side master Plagueis as they scheme to take over the galaxy.

Wedge’s Gamble is the second book in the X-Wing/Rogue Squadron series and follows Wedge Antilles and other fighters of the New Republic as they work to flush out the remnants of the Empire and take back Coruscant. Dynasty of Evil, the third book in the gritty Darth Bane series, follows Bane and his dark side apprentice Zannah 20 years after the dark lord rewrote the rules of the Sith to establish the Rule of Two.

First hitting bookstores in June, the Essential Legends Collection launched to celebrate Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary and the slate of beloved Legends novels released mostly in the 1990s. Following Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, the formerly named Expanded Universe became Legends when Star Wars retconned the collection of novels, comics, video games and more.

The Essential Legends Collection books released so far include:

  • Darth Bane: Path of Destruction
  • Darth Bane: Rule of Two
  • Heir to the Empire
  • Dark Force Rising
  • The Last Command
  • X-Wing: Rogue Squadron
  • Shatterpoint

At the rate Star Wars and Del Rey are going, books fans could easily expect even more revamped Legends paperbacks beyond this next slate coming in the spring.

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