25 Star Wars characters and places we’d like to see in The Book of Boba Fett

Star Wars The Book of Boba Fett poster. Photo courtesy of Disney+.
Star Wars The Book of Boba Fett poster. Photo courtesy of Disney+. /
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Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) in STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. /

20. Lando Calrissian

The original trilogy introduced us to many fun characters who have been loved by fans so much that they’re always a welcome addition to any new Star Wars story. Lando Calrissian, the famous smuggler and companion and former enemy of Han Solo, is always fun to see in any Star Wars property he shows up in. Whether in Solo or in animated form in Star Wars: Rebels, the smooth swindler always on the lookout for his next payout is one fans would love to see explored more in future Star Wars stories, particularly during the years between the original and sequel trilogies.

Lando played a critical role in the destruction of the second Death Star at the end of Return of the Jedi, but the next time we saw him on screen was in the third and final film in the sequel trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker. We learned in that film that Lando travelled the galaxy with Luke in search of a Sith Wayfinder, but there’s so much about his story that we don’t know about. What role did he play in the New Republic? How did he and Luke become so close? Did he ever have a family?

Though Billy Dee Williams, who played Lando in the original trilogy, is too old to play the character, Donald Glover portrayed the character in Solo and could be utilized to play the character again in The Book of Boba Fett.