5 High Republic characters we’d like to see in Star Wars: Eclipse

A droid looks across a desolate environment. Photo: Star Wars: Eclipse
A droid looks across a desolate environment. Photo: Star Wars: Eclipse /

Last week’s surprise Star Wars: Eclipse announcement has gamers and Star Wars book fans alike intrigued for what’s to come. The game will take place during The High Republic era, which previously only existed in the books and comics medium. Does this mean characters from Star Wars publishing will cross over into the new game?

It’s unclear at this time where in the Star Wars timeline Eclipse is expected to take place, or if a specific timeframe will even be specified. The High Republic presumably spans a significant amount of time, so it’s not guaranteed we will see many characters from the books or comics in the game. But a Star Wars fan can dream, right?

If characters from the High Republic stories were to make their way to the gaming realm, here’s who we’d most like to see appear, even if they aren’t playable characters in the game itself.

1. Avar Kriss

The leader of the Jedi Order during its prime must act selflessly with everyone’s benefit and safety in mind, and Avar Kriss is the shining example of what every Jedi should be. But she’s not perfect. Her past relationship with another Jedi Master, though not outright forbidden as such bonds were during the prequel era, makes her feel less like a goddess and more like a human – a noble leader with flaws just like the rest of us. Learning more about her in the game might be a unique way to expand her story, since there’s still intentionally a lot we don’t know about her.

2. Geode

Who doesn’t want to encounter a sizable sentient rock while they’re journeying across the galaxy during the golden age of the Jedi? First appearing in Into the Dark by Claudia Gray, Geode is depicted as a character that says nothing but accomplishes a lot in his silence. Every character talks to him as if he’s just another crew member, though some still question how he gets around from place to place on his own. As Star Wars Twitter will tell you, you can never have too much Geode. Put him in everything! We need him.

3. Bell Zettifar

Jedi Padawan Bell Zettifar continuously stands out as one of The High Republic’s most beloved and relatable characters to date. He has survived countless tragedies and near-death experiences, and his close bond with his master mirrors so many of the master-apprentice relationships we’ve seen in Star Wars … but possibly with a little more heartbreak. Spotting or even interacting with him in the game would give even more life to an already beloved face.

4. Ember

We can’t have Bell Zettifar without Ember! The loyal charhound has become her own beloved character at this point in the High Republic timeline, especially since she tends to swoop in to save lives just when things seem too dark. We know Bell is her owner during his time as a Padawan, but her origins before becoming his companion are unknown. It would be intriguing even just to come across a charhound in Eclipse that looked like her, leaving its true identity ambiguous.

5. Master Yoda

Frank Oz in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980). © Lucasfilm Ltd. /

Of all the characters we could see in Eclipse, Yoda is probably most likely to make even a brief appearance in the game. He’s around 900 years old by the time of his death in the original trilogy, and has appeared in the High Republic comics already as an experienced Jedi Master. There’s a lot of in-universe time in which he spends alive, which makes his presence, even if briefly, more of a possibility.

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Who do you want to see in Star Wars: Eclipse? What are your hopes and dreams for the game?