Who dies in Star Wars: The Fallen Star?

Claudia Gray’s The Fallen Star. Photo: StarWars.com.
Claudia Gray’s The Fallen Star. Photo: StarWars.com. /

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Fallen Star by Claudia Gray. 

To no one’s surprise, The Fallen Star has a high body count. The marketing for this book did not shy away from the fact that Starlight Beacon would be destroyed and that many characters would die in this final wave of stories in Phase 1 of the High Republic.

Beyond the marketing, fans knew the stakes were higher than ever before with the introduction of the terrifying Leveler in The Rising Storm and with this being the last adult novel in Phase 1.

Some of the biggest surprises in this book came from which characters managed to survive, which ones died, and how they fell in this riveting story. Here are all the named and prominent characters who died in The Fallen Star:

Victims of the Leveler

The Leveler claimed the lives of several Jedi aboard Starlight Beacon. Regald Coll–a relatively new character–is the first Jedi to have his life taken by the Leveler. Wayseeker Orla Jareni and Burryaga’s Master Nib Assek also meet the same fate.

Other Jedi like Indeera Stokes, Elzar Mann, and Stellan Gios encounter the Leveler in the story, but they do not die at the hands of these vicious creatures, although Indeera is left incapacitated for the majority of the story.

While there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the Leveler, it is clear that these creatures are able to interfere with and even prevent Jedi from connecting to the Force, which proved essential in the Nihil’s plan to sabotage Starlight Beacon. The Leveler only seems to have an effect on Force-sensitive individuals and consumes their victims with fear and a powerless feeling.

When the Leveler’s victims die, they become a stone-like, dried out husk that crumbles to dust when someone else touches it. There are also many of them as Marchion Ro notes while the ones he had his minions unleash on Starlight Beacon are gone, he knows where he can find more of them.

Estala Maru

The Jedi Master in charge of operations on Starlight Beacon liked everything orderly and organized. Not only did Maru have to experience the nightmare of seeing Starlight Beacon in chaos, but he was aboard the top half of Starlight Beacon when it was destroyed.

Though his death is not seen, numerous characters grieve his loss after the top of Starlight Beacon meets it end. Maru’s identity in the High Republic has been heavily tied to Starlight Beacon and it is tragic, yet fitting that he seems to perish alongside Starlight Beacon itself.

Cale, Leyel, and Werrera

The Nihil saboteurs know that they are on a suicide mission and are honored to accept their fate. Toward the end of the book, they discover that Nan and Chancey Yarrow are working on fixing the thrusters to try and save what remains of Starlight Beacon and to save themselves. Nan and Chancey Yarrow have no choice but to kill Cale, Leyel, and Werrera to give themselves a chance.

Koley Linn

The impulsive, greedy, and short-sighted pilot Koley Linn is a new character in The Fallen Star with a grudge against Leox Gyasi and the crew of the Vessel. It is quite fitting that Koley Linn dies when he shoots at Geode and his blasterfire bounces from the Vintian and kills him. Koley dies by being a fool and by his own hand.

THE HIGH REPUBLIC: THE RISING STORM cover art. Photo: Del Rey Books. /

Chancey Yarrow

Chancey Yarrow’s death is probably the most shocking of all the deaths in The Fallen Star. Just as the former villain is fixing the thrusters of Starlight Beacon–an act that can save those still aboard and what remained of the station–and thinking about reuniting and making amends with her daughter Sylvestri, Elzar Mann slices her in two and kills her.

Elzar knew that Chancey Yarrow was a member of the Nihil, that she’d been a prisoner on Starlight Beacon, and he saw her working on the thrusters. After being pushed to his limits, Elzar thought Chancey was sabotaging what was left of Starlight Beacon. He allowed the dark side to consume him in that moment and he killed a woman trying to save herself and the others still on board.

Stellan Gios

The biggest death in the book comes last as Stellan Gios sacrifices himself so he can ensure that’s what left of Starlight Beacon will crash into Eiram’s waters instead of crashing into Eiram’s people or cities. Stellan’s sacrifice speaks volumes about his selflessness, courage, and how he’s learned to follow his own path instead of the path created for him by the Jedi Council and Jedi Order.

As the public face of the Jedi Order, as a close friend of Elzar Mann and Avar Kriss, and as the former Master of Vernestra Rwoh, Stellan’s loss will have a deep impact on the galaxy and many important Jedi.


Burryaga insists on fighting off the remaining Rathtars so Elzar Mann can open the cargo bay doors. The Wookie’s brave sacrifice helps ensure Elzar’s success. However, it also means that Burryaga is fighting Rathtars while being exposed to the vacuum of space.

Burryaga’s death is not confirmed by the end of the book and his body is not found. Elzar seems to believe that Burryaga is gone, but Bell Zettifar has refused to give up hope and is determined to find out whether Burryaga survived.

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