Star Wars theory: How did Ahsoka Tano meet Luke Skywalker?

Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

This post contains spoilers for The Book of Boba Fett “Chapter 6: From the Desert Comes a Stranger.”

The Book of Boba Fett gave us one heck of a surprise in this week’s episode with not just Ahsoka Tano popping up out of literally nowhere, but Luke Skywalker himself makes an appearance alongside Mando’s ward, Grogu.

It was one of the best episodes of the series, but we have one question; how did Anakin Skywalker’s former apprentice and his son come to know each other? That’s what we’re going to try and work out.

What Ahsoka Would’ve Known

Ahsoka knew Anakin quite well, despite having only known a couple of years. She also was friendly with his wife, Padmé, Luke and Leia’s mother. However, the pair never shared with her their marriage, as far as we’re aware. Though, we suspect that she might’ve known more than she let on.

Another possibility is at some point, either Captain Rex or R2-D2 could told her. Rex, who was the clone leader Anakin’s clone squadron the 501st was well aware as he often covered for Anakin when spoke to Padmé in private as seen in The Clone Wars Season 7 episode, A Distant Echo. R2 was a witness to the couple’s wedding three years earlier after the opening battle of the Clone Wars on Geonosis.

Ahsoka made reference to Anakin on numerous occasions to Padmé during her time on Coruscant in which the senator often changed the subject. Amidala avoided talking about her husband unless it was relevant. No doubt this would’ve tipped Tano off to something much deeper.

Also, the closest evidence we have of Ahsoka knowing about Anakin and Padmé was what she said to her former master before she left the Jedi Order. Her “I know” seems to be confirmation that she had some inkling of what was going on.

Missing Pieces

There are a few missing pieces to the equation also. As far as we know, Ahsoka had no other contact with Padmé after her trial for the Jedi Temple Bombing. The last time she saw Anakin was before he and Obi-Wan went to rescue Chancellor Palpatine. She made it known that she was only reuniting with her former master to do a job, not for a happy reunion, which we’re sure he was disappointed in but understood.

Also, at the time of the final interaction between Anakin and Ahsoka, Anakin didn’t know his wife was pregnant until some time later.

If we had to guess,  Ahsoka could’ve found about the twins if she ever reunited with Rex as he thought she was dead after her duel with Vader on Malachor.

Speaking of Rex, he was a member of the Endor Strike Team which Luke and Leia were both a part of. This ultimately makes us question whether he pieced it together that at least Luke was Anakin’s child, given the surname ‘Skywalker’ was well-known at the time and it was rare as Anakin was the only person with that last name during the Clone Wars as his mother had died and wasn’t famous across the galaxy.

On possibility is Hera or Sabine could’ve been told about Leia’s parentage via Rex as they both knew him. If Sabine was told, she could’ve passed the information to Ahsoka when they went searching for Ezra. Also, the Ghost crew had met Leia when she was a teenager, not much older than Ezra and Sabine had been.

Pinpointing Where Ahsoka Could’ve Been Made Aware Of Luke’s Existence

The latest Ahsoka could’ve learned of Luke’s existence would’ve been after the Battle of Endor which was five years before where Luke is now in creating his academy. Also, she could have learned about Luke through her travels of a Jedi named Skywalker and discovered his connection to Anakin through him.

Moreover, the earliest could’ve been during her time working with Bail Organa during the Imperial regime. The Ahsoka novel depicts a moment where the Viceroy dismisses Leia from his office before allowing Ahsoka inside. He tells her that there are things he couldn’t tell her and Leia’s existence and paternity would’ve been one of them. Leia held a striking resemblance to her mother as she got older and held many of her and Anakin’s characteristics. It wouldn’t have taken Tano long to work out who she was.

Another notable piece of information we have is the book, Secrets of the Jedi which is written as if it was Luke’s journal. In it, there is a small snippet on Ahsoka, which mentions she was Anakin’s apprentice. It’s possible that Anakin contacted either Luke or Ahsoka as Force Ghost to inform them about each other. If he’d done this, he would’ve told his former student about his daughter as well. If this been after his death but sometime before Luke starts building the academy.

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