Star Wars: Rogue Squadron might be back on track

Rogue Squadron. Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm. 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd ™ . All Rights Reserved
Rogue Squadron. Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm. 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd ™ . All Rights Reserved /

If you were familiar with the excellent Rogue Squadron novels written by Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston, then the announcement of a movie with the same name in December of 2020 was an exciting moment for you.

Even for those who were unfamiliar with the series, the idea of “Top Gun meeting Star Wars” was universally exciting. Unfortunately, as reported by Dork Side of the Force just 3 months ago, the movie was unexpectantly put on hold. Luckily a new report shows Star Wars: Rogue Squadron may be back on track.

The director for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is the now-famous Patty Jenkins, director of projects such as Wonder Woman, and Monster. In the official trailer video, she gives some details about how she personally connects with the idea of the Rogue Squadron. Patty Jenkins’s father died as an American fighter pilot, which gives her an amazing motivation to tell a moving story, set in the Star Wars universe.

Some of the new evidence points towards the project continuing towards its expected 2023 release date. As reported in a new Walt Disney release schedule we have Rogue Squadron coming out on 12/22/23. This means that there will be a Christmas surprise for everyone, and if you are anything like me and my family, you can continue your tradition of a pleasant family trip to the movie theaters for a Star Wars surprise.

With shows such as Rangers of the New Republic being canceled, and many projects being pushed back for COVID-19 complications, it is a relief that Rogue Squadron is continuing. As Star Wars’ first movie to be directed by a woman, Rogue Squadron is also a landmark for continuing Star Wars projects. With a great basis in previous storylines, a motivated and skilled director, and a great movie concept, the future movie has a bright future.

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