Where to buy Star Wars Galactic Pals plush toys

Galatic Pals. Image courtesy StarWars.com
Galatic Pals. Image courtesy StarWars.com /

Throughout the year, Star Wars releases a variety of new content for every kind of fan — books for readers; shows for watchers, and so much more. While all Star Wars is meant to be suitable for kids, the Star Wars Kids site has put a lot of effort into creating content that’s especially friendly for the youngest of your younglings.

This week, Star Wars announced Galactic Pals, a brand-new Star Wars Kids series of micro-shorts about caring for different creatures throughout a galaxy far, far away.

But Galactic Pals isn’t just about the animated shorts (though based on the trailer below, they look absolutely adorable). Younglings can have their very own Galactic Pal plush toys just like the ones they’ll be watching on-screen.

The Galactic Pals plush line by Mattel includes a Rodian, Wookiee, Ewok, and Jawa. Each soft Pal comes with a satchel that kids can use to carry their Pals around with them wherever they go so they can stay safe and warm. Each plush also comes with a personality profile so kids can learn how to care for each of their Pals.

These are only the first four Pals to be released, with more characters from the series in plush form to be announced later in 2022. Released in waves, it’s much easier for kids to collect them all.

Galatic Pals. Image courtesy Mattel
Galatic Pals. Image courtesy Mattel /

Galactic Pals is a spinoff of the Star Wars Kids Galaxy of Creatures series that premiered on YouTube in 2021.

You can purchase each Galactic Pal plush at your local Target store for $29.99 per plush.

Episodes of Star Wars: Galactic Pals can be viewed on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel and StarWarsKids.com.

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