The Mandalorian and Star Wars Visions are getting Manga adaptations

Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

Two popular Star Wars Disney + shows are getting their own Manga adaptations.

According to an article from the Anime News Network, Square Enix’s Big Gangan magazine will be debuting manga adaptations of The Mandalorian and Star Wars Visions. The stories from the anime anthology will be adapted into Manga will be The Ninth Jedi, Lop and Ocho, The Elder, and The Twins.

Mangaka (manga artist) Yusuke Osawa (Marvel’s Spider-Man: Fake Red) will be drawing the story of Din Djarrin and his foundling Grogu in The Mandalorian manga.

In addition, Osawa will also be drawing a manga adaptation of The Ninth Jedi which centers around Lah Kara, a Force-Sensitive daughter of a sabersmith, who is tasked by Margrave Jiro with delivering lightsabers to a group of masterless Jedi. Jiro’s mission is to restore the Jedi Order by finding Jedi hopefuls from across the galaxy. After her father is captured by Jedi hunters, Kara flees with the lightsabers and delivers them to the “Jedi” who turn out to be Sith acolytes.  When the Sith are defeated, Kara is recruited as the titular ninth Jedi by the Margrave.

The manga of Lop and Ocho will be drawn by Haurichi, who is no stranger to Star Wars. Previously, Haurichi drew the art for Star Wars Leia, Princess of Alderaan , which was written by Claudia Gray. Lop and Ocho is a story about the bond between two sisters that is affected the Galactic Empire occupying their home planet. Lop, a Lepi who was adopted into Yasaburo Clan, is forced to fight Ocho, her adopted sister after the latter joins the Empire and betrays their father. Lop is entrusted with her family’s lightsaber by her adopted father, Boss Yasaburo, who gets injured after trying to persuade Ocho to return to the family and leave the Empire.  Although Ocho is defeated and escapes the planet, Lop vows that she, Boss Yasaburo, and Ocho will be a family.

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Kamone Shirahama, who previous drew the animation for The Elder, will also do a manga adaptation of the same name.  The events of The Elder are about a Jedi Master and his padawan Dan who visit Habo, an isolated planet where they encounter an elderly man corrupted by the Dark Side.  The short film also touched on the padawan learning the true meaning of being a Jedi from his master which is “to not forget his training and kindness.”

The Twins manga adaptation will be drawn by Keisuke Sato (Little Witch Acedemia). The Twins focuses on Karre and Am, two twins born, bred, and trained in the Dark Side of the Force. However, Karre has an epiphany telling him that he and his sister can forge their own destiny. With this realization, Karre decides to turn against the Dark Side and the Empire. He tries freeing his sister Am from the Dark Side but her refusal forces the twins to fight in an intense lightsaber duel in space. The duel damages their dual Star Destroyer when Karre uses his X-Wing fighter to jump into hyperspace to defeat his sister but not kill her. After crashlanding on Tatooine, Karre vows to find his sister and save her.

The mangas will be published in the pages of the magazine starting on May 25 in Japan. However, according to an article on CBR, the manga release dates outside of Japan have not been announced.

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