Star Wars just won 3 Webby Awards – see the 2022 winners


Every year, the Webby Awards nominate a variety of internet creators, brands, websites, and more for annual recognition in user experience, design, entertainment, and more. Several Star Wars projects were nominated this year, and yesterday announced the franchise won in three different categories, including video, software, and gaming.

The Webby Award for Best Video – Scripted went to “How Porsche and Lucasfilm Teamed Up to Create a New Star Wars Starship,” which you can watch below.

The award for Apps and Software – Entertainment went to The Star Wars app, which is the mobile experience provided by

And finally, the People’s Voice Award for Games – Family & Kids went to LEGO Star Wars: Castaways, a mobile game that was first announced in 2021 via Apple Arcade.

The Webby Awards have been around since before the internet was anything like what we know it as today. It was still relatively new in 1996, but experts still wanted to recognize the people and organizations working hard to connect people with the things they loved … and each other. The awards continue to recognize the hard work of individuals and teams across a variety of creative endeavors, business efforts, and more.

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The awards’ entertainment categories span a variety of creatives and initiatives, and the Star Wars projects that were recognized this year stood out because of their design, entertainment value, and collaborative efforts.

For every piece of the internet you use every day, there’s a person or team behind the screens bringing you the best experience possible. Even when it comes to consuming content focused on a galaxy far, far away.

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