Ashley Eckstein WhatNot stream shows another side to Ahsoka

Ashley Eckstein wears Ahsoka Tano collection designed by her fashion brand Her Universe. Photo credit: Her Universe.
Ashley Eckstein wears Ahsoka Tano collection designed by her fashion brand Her Universe. Photo credit: Her Universe. /

Ashley Eckstein is one of Star Wars’ most beloved actresses in her role of Ahsoka Tone in the series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Many fans grew up watching her as a role model as the character grew up, and Ashley recognized this fact during the Whatnot stream.

Whatnot is a new up-and-coming social media auctioning app that sells a variety of items such as trading cards, NFTs, Funko Pop!s, clothes, and some other whatnots. On Friday, May the 20th Ashley Eckstein was on the app live streaming as she was signing a variety of Hasbro material and pretty much doing a live interview in the process. Before we get into the content of that ad hoc interview, I would like to comment on Ashley’s attitude towards signing material. She mentioned several times that she was the intent on making all of them look good (both hers and Ahsoka’s signature), and could even be seen cleaning some of the items before she signed them.

R7-A7 proves again and again to be Ahsoka Tano’s faithful friend. Photo: /

When asked about her role as Ahsoka, Ashley talked about Ahsoka being a role model not only to the audience but to her. Ashley is starting a new Star Wars-themed mental health series that was partially inspired by the lessons she learned while portraying Ahsoka. Ashley is using her platform as a celebrity to pass on some important lessons that she herself learned playing Ahsoka and her personal experience with bullying in the past.

Ashley was also asked if she had any future plans for new and exciting projects besides running her fashion brand Her Univese. She mentioned that she would be working on a yet non-released sci-fi-related project as an executive producer. This is a part of her journey of improving and working toward new goals. This journey is made even more impressive by the fact that Ashley ‘only’ has her high school degree, not that she appears to need anymore!

Ashley is proving herself to be an absolute tour de force in not only the Star Wars Universe but multiple areas. We can only hope she will continue bringing her endless energy and hope to new areas and allow the Star Wars fandom to support her on her journey.

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