Gungi appears in trailer for Bad Batch season two

Echo, Tech, and Hunter on-mission. "War Mantle." The Bad Batch. Courtesy
Echo, Tech, and Hunter on-mission. "War Mantle." The Bad Batch. Courtesy /

In the newest trailer released by Lucasfilm for Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 we see the Bad Batch once again setting out across the galaxy to kick some tail and defend the innocent. This season already sports a new paint job for Member of the Bad Batch, as well as a cameo moment for Captain Rex, and as the title would indicate, the Jedi Padawan Gungi.

This is a massive callback to Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 5 arc surrounding a group of younglings creating their own lightsabers. The group of younglings traveled with Ahsoka Tano and lightsaber crafting droid Huyang to the ice caves of Illum to fight their kyber crystals.

As they were traveling home their ship was attacked by none other than the infamous pirate Honda Ohnaka and Ahsoka was taken prisoner. Gungi, along with his youngling comrades, rescued Ahsoka. They even managed to take on General Grevious along the way.

The main question for Gungi’s appearance in Bad Batch is how did the Wookie survive Order 66, and what his ultimate fate will be? We certainly do not have a lot of information to go on about how he survived but Gungi does appear with his lightsaber in the trailer so we know that he did manage to make it out as a Jedi.

The trailer also talks about the Bad Batch looking for allies, and a Jedi would be a worthy ally for the commandos. On the darker side of things, we see a group of now-Imperial commandoes gearing up. These commandoes may be the precursor to other troopers such as The Purge Troopers, and these capable villains will worth to be worthy adversaries.

Overall the appearance of Gungi in Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 seems to indicate a higher likelihood of crossover characters from other Star Wars projects. We saw characters such as Hera show up in the first season, and with Gungi arriving with a Lightsaber, and a possible sighting of Huyang in the Ahsoka leaked footage, we cannot rule anyone out.

As Bad Batch writer Matt Michnovetz said on the stage as he spoke about a Wookie Jedi “Wait until you see what happens!”

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