All the Star Wars books and comics news from Star Wars Celebration 2022

Star Wars: The High Republic: Path of Deceit, written by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland. Image courtesy
Star Wars: The High Republic: Path of Deceit, written by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland. Image courtesy /

Between the expansive High Republic era and even more novels and comics filling in beloved chunks of the timeline, the Star Wars book fandom has been eating so well the last year.

Since the beginning of 2021, The High Republic initiative has published three adult novels, three YA novels, three middle-grade books, an audio drama and accompanying script book, two manga volumes, and dozens of comics and short stories. And that was just Phase 1.

Beyond The High Republic, fans have also been treated to several Thrawn novels, a Star Wars Visions novel inspired by the breakout anime series, and many more books set everywhere on the timeline – from the time of the prequels and the Clone Wars to stories that build upon the events of the sequels and the New Republic era.

The first two days of Star Wars Celebration 2022 in Anaheim, Calif., saw several panels focused entirely on Star Wars literature. The first was with Lucasfilm Publishing, which shared updates on recently published and upcoming books and teased a few projects coming soon. The second was the highly-anticipated High Republic panel with the fan-favorite original Project Luminous authors as well as new writers creating stories from the galaxy’s golden age.

Here are all the new books, comics, and everything else you may have missed from these panels.

News from the Lucasfilm Publishing panel

Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories

With Star Wars and Dark Horse Comics teaming up again, one of the first series to come out of that relationship is Hyperspace Stories – an all-ages anthology series featuring stories from across the Star Wars timeline.

In the series announcement, Lucasfilm Publishing Creative Director Michale Siglain said “fans of all ages will be treated to action-packed, exciting, and emotional stories that just may be more connected than they seem.” During the Star Wars Celebration panel, Siglain and the series writers Amanda Diebert and Cecil Castellucci told fans to pay attention to the details in each story, as the finished series “will tell a complete tale.”

Hyperspace Stories is set to publish on Aug. 10.

Tales from the Rancor Pit

Following in the same style as the beloved Tales from Vader’s Castle, Cavan Scott is back with another “creepy and enjoyable” Halloween-themed comic series. Tales from the Rancor Pit follows High Republic-era adventurer monster hunter Ty Yorrick as she encounters baby wampas, droid ghosts, Hutt dungeons, and more.

Tales from the Rancor Pit is due out on Oct. 18.

The High Republic: Starlight Stories

Starlight Beacon may be burned up and broken in half like the Titanic, but it still has some stories left to tell. That’s where Starlight Stories comes in. The book was originally titled The Fiction Collection Volume 3 and includes short stories originally published in Star Wars Insider magazine or new ones exclusive to the collection.

The cover art for the collection from Titan was revealed during the panel, and one of the authors, Cavan Scott, said fans “haven’t seen the last” of some of the Starlight workers.

Starlight Stories publishes on Sept. 27.


The High Republic: Chronicles of the Jedi

According to Siglain, Chronicles of the Jedi: An Illustrated Guide to the Galaxy’s Golden Age is one to “read…closely when it comes out at the end of the year.”

“It may have some key information about Phase II and possibly Phase II in it,” he said.

Chronicles of the Jedi is an in-universe, canon reference book and is due out on Nov. 29.

News from The High Republic panel

Phase II: Quest of the Jedi and the Age of Exploration

Since Phase II is set 150 before Phase I, it’ll be the furthest back in the timeline we’ve seen Star Was canon media go. And just like looking back 150 years in our own history, culture and technology are vastly different.

“This is a point in time where this area of space is very much unknown to the Republic and not everything is tied together as closely,” author Claudia Gray said during the panel.

Key points of this phase are communication infrastructure and hyperspace prospecting. The creators compared communication in this era to “the pony express but with droids.”

“We’ve broken the entire galactic communication system,” author Cavan Scott said. “And those droids are really important.”

New covers characters for Phase II

The High Republic panel at Star Wars Celebration featured the first details about Phase II, which launches in the fall. Just like in the first wave of Phase I, this next wave will include adult novels, YA novels, and middle-grade books, along with new and continuing comic series and at least one audio original.

Check out some of the covers (not all are final) teased at the panel:

Convergence by Zoraida Cordova

Release date: Oct. 4

Quest of the Hidden City by George Mann

Release date: Nov. 1

Previously revealed: Path of Deceit by Justina Ireland and Tessa Gratton

Release date: Oct. 4

Star Wars: The High Republic: Path of Deceit, written by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland. Image courtesy
Star Wars: The High Republic: Path of Deceit, written by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland. Image courtesy /

Comics: The Nameless Terror by George Mann and Star Wars: The High Republic by Cavan Scott

Next wave of books and The Battle of Jedha audio original

Likely part of the next wave of Phase II are Cataclysm by Lydia Kang (adult novel), Quest for Planet X  by Tessa Gratton (middle grade), and Path of Vengeance by Cavan Scott.

None of these have cover art yet, but fans did get a sneak peek at the working cover for The Battle of Jedha by George Mann, a new audio drama coming in January 2023. The script book will drop a month later.

Fans will remember the moon of Jedha from Rogue One, where it was destroyed in a test of the Death Star. Before its destruction, Jedha had deep historical and spiritual significance, as well as its abundance of Kyber crystals.

The Battle of Jedha is due out on Jan. 3, 2023, with the script book and ebook releasing on Feb. 14, 2023.

The High Republic: The Blade by Charles Soule

One of the most anticipated origin stories of The High Republic era is that of Porter Engle, known as the Blade of Bardotta.

Porter Engle quickly became a fan-favorite character when he debuted in Light of the Jedi. He’s a legendary Ikkrukkian Jedi Master who’s now known just as much for his cooking, especially the Nine-Egg Stew. However, his origin story “is the most epic thing I’ve ever written,” according to author Charles Soule.

The Blade #1 is due out in November 2022.

The Art of the High Republic

The new visual reference guide from Abrams Books, The Art of the High Republic, will explore the creation of the project and showcase concept art for characters and locales. The book also has a forward written by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

During the panel, author Kristin Baver said “the process was interviewing everyone on this stage…and really trying to get the behind-the-scenes story of how this initiative came to be.”

The Art of the High Republic releases on Nov. 8.

Star Wars: Yoda comic miniseries

One of the most beloved and recognizable characters in all of Star Wars will finally get an origin story. Star Wars: Yoda was just announced at Star Wars Celebration. The miniseries by Cavan Scott, Jody Houser, and Marc Guggenheim is set right before Luke Skywalker arrives on Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back.

The 10-issue miniseries is said to take fans back in time to pivotal moments in the Jedi Master’s life, including memories from The High Republic and the prequel/Clone Wars era.

Read more about the new series in an interview with Scott at

Star Wars: Yoda is set to launch in October.

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