Colin Trevorrow opens up about reaction to his Episode IX script

"No One’s Ever Really Gone." Star Wars -- Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Photo supplied by Titan Publishing.
"No One’s Ever Really Gone." Star Wars -- Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Photo supplied by Titan Publishing. /

Colin Trevorrow was initially set to direct the ninth instalment of the Star Wars franchise, however due to creative differences with Lucasfilm he was ultimately removed from the project. His original script was leaked, and it was met with widespread praise from fans. As part of a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter for Jurassic World Dominion, Trevorrow explains his feelings on the positive fan reaction.

“Honestly, if any director tells you that they don’t care what the audience thinks, or even people who watch movies and write about them for a living, then I’m not sure if they’re being fully honest with themselves,” Trevorrow says.

“I do make these movies for audiences, but I also make them for people who think about films all the time and watch movies the way that I do.” Trevorrow continues.

“Any time you do something that’s received well, it’s going to encourage you and hopefully assure you that not only was there a reason why you started doing this in the first place, but your imposter syndrome is only partially real and you’re not a complete fraud. And I think we all have those moments.”

This isn’t the first time that Colin Trevorrow has spoken about his time working on Episode IX. In a previous interview for UPROXX, he explains that while his version of Episode IX didn’t make it into cinemas, he found his experience working for Lucasfilm “deeply satisfying” and that he “is grateful to [Kathleen Kennedy] for recognizing she and I were never going to make a movie that we were proud of together.”

The fan reaction for Trevorrow’s script is extremely positive, in 2021 a fan turned it into a comic. Ultimately, while what happened with Episode IX is unfortunate, it’s good that Colin Trevorrow can look back on the experience positively, even though his vision never made it into cinemas.

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