New Star Wars comics this week: Star Wars, Bounty Hunters, and LEGENDS

Marvel’s Star Wars #27. Image courtesy
Marvel’s Star Wars #27. Image courtesy /

It’s hard to believe that it’s already September! As summer winds down and fall ramps up, wouldn’t it be perfect to sit next to a fire and read some comics? Even though it’s a light week for new Star Wars comics, there is still a bunch of Star Wars-related comics releasing today!

New Star Wars Comics: Star Wars #27

Two Crimson Dawn double agents are vying to give the Rebel Alliance access to the Empire’s top secret information in order to secure their own safe haven. But the Imperial Navy as a whole is on the hunt for them since the Empire is aware of what they have taken! has an exclusive of a couple of pages showing Melton and Bevelyn making their getaway with their kids. Things get tricky when Station Command wants to speak with Commander Sharin, who is… unable to take the call, so to speak.


Star Wars #27 is written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Andrés Genolet, with cover art by E.M. Gist.

You can pick up this issue today from your local comic book shop!

New to Marvel Unlimited: Darth Vader #23, Bounty Hunters #23

Looking for something new to read on Marvel Unlimited? Well, you’re in luck! Two new Star Wars comics dropped on the service today.

In Darth Vader #23, with the help of a sworn adversary, Darth Vader sets out on a brand-new quest, ushering in the start of an epic new saga. But who is guiding whom to destruction? And what transpires when the Dark Lord of the Sith’s darkest secret is revealed to the Queen’s Shadow? In addition, a startling face from Vader’s distant past is back!

Darth Vader #23 is written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Raffaele Ienco, with cover art by Paul Renaud.

Meanwhile, in Bounty Hungers #23, the galaxy’s most underappreciated bounty hunter embarks on his biggest quest yet! When Dengar acts, the Underworld will shift irrevocably. The window of opportunity for T’onga and her team to overthrow Vukorah is closing. Will a young girl pay with her life for their failure?

Bounty Hunters #23 is written by Ethan Sacks and illustrated by Natacha Bustos, with cover art by Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Both Darth Vader and Bounty Hunters are available up to issue #23 on Marvel Unlimited today!

New Collections: Bounty Hunters Vol. 2, Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Empire Vol. 7

If you’re looking for some awesome new collections of Star Wars comics, well then fans of both the newer canon stories and the older “Legends” comics are in luck!

In Bounty Hunters Vol. 2, which collects issues #6 through #11, Valance is forced to rely on the only person he can trust since he has valuable cargo and a bounty on his head. However, the Unbroken Clan has dispatched a distinctive and lethal pair of bounty hunters to find him: No one in the cosmos is immune to 4-LOM and Zuckuss’ combined cunning! In a covert rebel stronghold, wounded and on the run, Valance finds a long-lost love. However, the galaxy’s deadliest bounty hunters are closing in, and they’ve brought an army of battle droids from the Clone War with them. Valance will face the fury of pirates in the Outer Rim as he makes a desperate attempt to survive… and put his previous rival Dengar on a collision course! Plus: Bossk finds himself the hunted rather than the hunter on the forest world of Malastare!

For those looking for some “Legends” material, Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Empire Vol. 7 collects Star Wars: Blood Ties (2010) #1-4, Star Wars: Blood Ties – Boba Fett Is Dead (2012) #1-4, Star Wars: Empire (2002) #1-4, Star Wars: Underworld – The Yavin Vassilika (2000) #1-5, Free Comic Book Day: Star Wars 2013, and material from Star Wars Tales (1999) #1-2, 6, 16.

How long will the Empire continue to govern the galaxy? High-ranking Imperial officials’ attempt to usurp the Emperor must be thwarted by Vader with Boba Fett’s assistance. In the meantime, when a survivor of Fett’s initial mission turns up, Fett must decide whether to assist him or complete the task! And when Fett appears to have been slain, his child and her mother unwittingly become targets. Additionally, a plot to get a very unique prize Fett desires for himself has caught the eye of other bounty hunters, including rogues Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian!

Bounty Hunters Vol. 2 and Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Empire Vol. 7 are both now available! Check with your local comic book store for availability!

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