5 things we learned from the Tales of the Jedi trailer

Tales of the Jedi. Image courtesy StarWars.com
Tales of the Jedi. Image courtesy StarWars.com /

The D23 convention gave Disney fans plenty to mule over, and it included an amazing trailer for Tales of the Jedi. This six-episode mini-series will be coming out on October 26, and it will focus on Ahsoka Tano as well as Count Dooku.

The trailer had quite a few hidden gems, and here are a few of the best.

1. Liam Neeson is Back

One of the 15 minutes stories that we will be watching is during Dooku’s time as a Jedi master and Qui-Jon is his apprentice. Unlike many of the original characters, Liam Neeson has returned to voice his character (as he did during the Altar of Mortis arc.) It will be nice to see how Qui-Jon became the somewhat jaded Jedi Master we meet in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and how he developed his unique views.

2. Yaddle makes an appearance

The lightsaber duel between Master Yoda and Count Dooku at the end of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones was one of the best in all of Star Wars. Now we get to see the Master Duelist Count Dooku against another one of the Yoda species (yes that’s the name of the species). Some fans are even hoping that we may get another insight into Grogu’s origins through Yaddle, but that remains to be seen.

3. A new Inquisitor arises

In the trailer we see a new Inquisitor appear and challenge Ahsoka. In E. K. Johnston’s 2016 book Ahsoka, we see her defeat an inquisitor and use their crystals to fuel her new lightsabers. It is possible that one episode will follow a similar storyline to the book, and it is also possible that the new story will retcon the book for a new storyline.

4. Ahsoka was at Padme’s funeral

If you stop the Tales of the Jedi trailer at 1:11 then you see Ahsoka standing in a crowd. That may seem inconspicuous at first, but when you compare the characters in the opening scene of Padme’s funeral it becomes obvious that Ahsoka somehow attends Padme’s funeral. We don’t yet know how Ahsoka managed to get there. If nothing else we get to see a well-deserved heartbreaking moment of Ahsoka grieving the death of her republic.

5. The origin of Ahsoka’s Akul-Tooth headdress

During Ahsoka’s first few appearances we see her wearing a special headdress. This headdress, which is also worn by Jedi Master Shaak Ti, was traditionally made of Akul teeth after a Tortugan warrior has slain an Akul. In the trailer, we seem to see Ahsoka riding an Akul, so how she achieves this feat is unknown and will certainly be an interesting story.

Tales of the Jedi will be streaming exclusively on Disney+. Be sure to check out all of our coverage on the series, including episode recaps, reviews, and more.