The High Republic issue 1 introduces Jedi Vildar Mac

Star Wars: The High Republic: Path of Deceit, written by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland. Image courtesy
Star Wars: The High Republic: Path of Deceit, written by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland. Image courtesy /
facebooktwitterreddit has released an exclusive preview for Star Wars: The High Republic issue 1, where a new Jedi is introduced into the beloved galaxy far away. Vildar Mac is the focused hero in The High Republic’s exclusive and this Marvel comic book has been listed as a “new ongoing” series, which takes place in a city where many come for refuge and enlightenment.

The preview for Star Wars: The Republic issue 1 starts with an illustrated cover with a similar vibe to a movie poster. A Jedi and his Padawan are back-to-back, while a cloaked figure looms larger than life in the background. This image alone resembles the constant battle Jedi must face as the uncertainty of the Dark Side can be hidden around every corner.

But who is Vildar Mac and why does he already seem like an intriguing character to follow alongside?

How does Vildar Mac fit into Star Wars’ storytelling in The High Republic issue 1?

A common trait in Star Wars’ storytelling is the notion of uncertainty or the unknown surrounding those with power. From the early days of Luke Skywalker unsure of Yoda’s teachings in The Empire Strikes Back, to Ahsoka walking away from the Jedi without a clear path, uncertainty is a relatable characteristic and it makes sense to shroud Mac with a mysterious past.

The High Republic issue 1 presents Mac as his own narrator as he fights through a nightmare. Although he’s safe aboard a spaceship, it’s clear he’s with others heading to Jedha on a pilgrimage. Mac’s demeanor is solemn, quiet and his journey leads to another classic bit of storytelling within the Star Wars’ universe – humor.

Mac disembarks from the ship to have Padawan Matthea Cathley find him amongst the crowd. This moment speaks volumes to both characters’ personalities, as one has little to say while the other admittedly says quite a lot. Their polar opposites are a delightful interaction and it’s a promising duo moving forward in this comic series.

Beyond Mac’s nightmare highlighting an evil and powerful being killing those around him, his path moving forward is also something fans will want to learn more of. Instead of heading straight to the “Convocation Chambers” as Mac assumes, the Padawan informs him of a change in plans to track down the theft of a “holy relic.” The brief introduction to these characters presents an immediate connection where fans will certainly want to learn more.

Star Wars: The High Republic issue 1 is written by Cavan Scott and illustrations and cover art are created by Ario Anindito. It will be released on October 12 and is currently available for pre-order.

Are you excited to learn more about Vildar Mac? Will there be more comedic elements with the new Jedi and Padawan Cathley? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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