Mandalorian fans behold: LEGO reveals massive, $600 UCS Razor Crest

Chapter 3. Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 3. Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

It’s been rumored, leaked in pieces and at last, officially unveiled. And it’s every bit as good as we hoped. Behold the LEGO Star Wars UCS Razor Crest.

Inspired by its debut in Chapter 1 of The Mandalorian, the Razor Crest (75331) swoops in at 6,187 pieces, measuring 10″ (24 cm) in height, 20″ (50 cm) wide and 29″ (72 cm) from end to end on the diagonal. That makes it the third largest Star Wars set by piece count, behind only the Millennium Falcon and the AT-AT.

The size certainly stands out, with imposing engines on each side — that LEGO also says are removable — and an even larger amount of space within. Multiple angles come together to recreate the ship’s iconic silhouette without many gaps. For those who dislike studs, it’s a fairly smooth model as well. The Razor Crest is a difficult design to replicate and LEGO seems to have done it great justice here.

Beyond that, the greatest detail comes in what can’t be seen. LEGO has clearly began to notice the demand for interior models on UCS sets. It added vignettes into the Falcon while the AT-AT had room for an army of snowtroopers, blaster cannons and a pair of speeder bikes. That trend has continued here, too.

To get inside the Razor Crest, there’s a ramp in the back and another leading into a side entrance. Atop the set is an escape pod that can store a single minifigure. The cockpit, which appears to include a new print, will comfortably fit Mando, the Child, and whoever else wants to join for a ride. The set description also states that the interior is removable, making it even easier to access.

Moving further into the model, you’ll find a carbonite freezing chamber with space for a pair of already frozen blocks. Some other details include a removable ammunition closet and a neat Easter egg of Boba Fett’s helmet and armor. There’s plenty of space to move around in, too. And while it’s hard to say for certain, all those areas might even be directly connected to each other.

The Razor Crest includes figures of The Mandalorian, Grogu with his pram, Mythrol and Kuiil riding a brick-built Blurrg.

The set includes four figures, with some bonuses. The most notable is a new version of the Mandalorian. Mando has seen many different iteratons thus far, but this is easily the most accurate one yet. That’s due to the helmet, which now has a properly tapered visor, forehead printing and shadowing to mimic its sharp jaw angles.

It’s worth asking, however, where else will we see this figure? There are obviously plenty of sets ahead for the forthcoming season of the Mandalorian. But, LEGO has again reverted to placing exclusive figures in UCS models after hearing fan push back to the Republic Gunship. Here’s hoping that the best version of such a well-liked character isn’t reserved to such an expensive set.

Grogu joins Mando, this time with a brick-built pram. A small version of the pram appeared in a recent advent calendar, but it has been long-overdue for a system set. Then is Kuiil riding the brick-built Blurrg. It’s akin to something you might see from one of the microfighter models like the Tauntaun or Dewback, and works just as well. Lastly is the aforementioned Mythrol, a fine character to include but severely lacking a molded head.

It may have been nice to get one or two additional figures, such as IG-11 or Greef Karga, but when the build is supposed to be the focus, there’s little reason to complain about what’s here. Rounding things off is the standard UCS plaque, which while a sticker here, according to Brickset, will soon be prints in the near future. There is no stand included, however, meaning it will be a bit of a challenge to display this set in flight mode.

And that’s the story of the UCS Razor Crest. A tremendous set, both inside and outside, with an immense amount of care put into it. That quality comes at a cost, however. $599.99/€599.99/£519.99.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, especially after this set was rumored to be cheaper, $530, prior to the recent hikes. That being said, it’s hard to imagine it costing any less considering the piece count and size. That’s coming from someone who hasn’t purchased a set in years largely due to prices.

Unfortunately, as has too often become the case, not every fan will be able to enjoy this set. But for those who do pick it up, there’s no denying LEGO looks to have assembled one of the best UCS Star Wars sets in some time.

The Razor Crest will release exclusively, at first, on on October 3 for VIP members — which is free to join — followed by a general release on October 7.

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