Andor: Who is Sly Moore?

Sly Moore. Image courtesy
Sly Moore. Image courtesy /

This article contains spoilers for the fourth episode of Andor, “Aldhani.”

In the fourth episode of Andor, we are introduced to Mon Mothma’s husband, Perrin Fartha. In the episode, he is setting up a dinner with the Governor of Hanna. Mon Mothma looks at the guestlist and one name, in particular, made my jaw drop.

Sly Moore is invited to the dinner, and she is probably the worst person to be in the same room with our undercover Rebel leader.

Who is Sly Moore and why is this so important?

Sly Moore is an Umbaran woman who made her first appearance in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and returned again in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. In these scenes, if Emperor Palpatine was in the room, then Sly was usually lingering somewhere nearby.

She is Palpatine’s Chief of Staff during the Empire so she wields a ton of power as one of the top officials in his cabinet. Prior to Palpatine becoming Emperor, the reference books tell us that Sly Moore would blackmail people in the Senate that stood in the future Emperor’s way. Working in the shadows, she helped orchestrate his rise to power.

What is far more concerning for Mon Mothma is the more secretive side of Sly Moore. She is a Force-sensitive person and one of the few people who know Palpatine’s true identity as a Sith Lord. One of her main skills is manipulating the minds of her enemies and searching their thoughts for secrets. With Mon Mothma being a key leader in the future Rebellion and funding rebel cells for people like Luthen Rael, this puts the senator in a huge amount of danger. One wrong thought and Mon is toast! It’s the exact kind of drama that a spy thriller show like Andor is made for with that little dash of Star Wars flair!

I am ridiculously excited at the possibility to see Sly Moore in live-action. In the prequels, she was portrayed by Australian actress, Sandi Finlay. Unlike Sly’s counterpart, Mas Amedda, she’s been relatively unused in the majority of the new canon. It’s only been recent that she made a return in the comic series like Darth Vader, Crimson Reign, and War of the Bounty Hunters. Perhaps those series were setting the stage for her full return to live action.

If Sly Moore returns in the next couple of weeks, it’s truly going to be a heck of a cameo! I can’t wait to see what happens.

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