Iden Versio returns? Inferno Squad leader to appear on upcoming Star Wars comic

Screenshot of Star Wars Battlefront II. Image via Lucasfilm/EA.
Screenshot of Star Wars Battlefront II. Image via Lucasfilm/EA. /

The last time we saw Iden Versio (performed by Janina Gavankar) was in 2017, when EA’s Battlefront II introduced us to the Inferno Squad—a group of three Imperial special operatives trained to do the dirtiest work of the Empire without leaving a trace. We learned a good deal about the formation of the task force and Iden’s personal ideology thanks to Christie Golden’s excellent prequel novel Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad. Now, it looks like fans will be treated to another look into Versio’s Imperial career before the defeat of the Empire.

Today, we got a look at some variant covers illustrated by Taurin Clarke for Marvel Comic’s Star Wars #29 and Bounty Hunters #28, dubbed “Revelations” – directly tying the covers to the special one-shot releasing in November. The Star Wars #29 variant cover features Luke Skywalker superimposed over the Death Star II, finally donning his classic black outfit and green lightsaber from Return of the Jedi—perhaps this is a sign that the comic series will be picking up speed going into the events of the sixth film of the Skywalker Saga.

The Bounty Hunters #28 variant cover features main cast members Beilert Valance, Bossk, Dengar, 4-LOM & Zuckuss, and… Iden Versio?! Fans have been speculating about the character’s return, seeing as Inferno Squad has supposedly been active within the Empire this entire time. This is the character’s first appearance in nearly five years, not including her addition to the mobile game Galaxy of Heroes.

The current state of Bounty Hunters makes this a perfect time to reintroduce the character, as Valance is currently under the control of the Empire, forced to carry out special missions in service of Vader. He would make an excellent temporary fit into the Inferno Squad. Plus, a deeper glimpse into the team’s operations would only enrich the internal conflict that we witness later in Battlefront II.

I reached out to Bounty Hunters writer Ethan Sacks to see if he could provide any clarity on the inclusion of the character. He was, as always, intentionally cryptic and vague—he sent me a GIF of Jeremy Renner in Mission: Impossible saying, “I can neither confirm nor deny details of any such operation without the secretary’s approval.” He did, however, tell me that the contents of the covers point to “future storylines.” To me, this reads like Versio likely won’t be appearing in issue #28, but will be involved in the Star Wars: Revelations one-shot comic in November and beyond.

Bounty Hunters #28 releases on November 2nd, 2022. Keep your eyes on Dork Side for our coverage of what’s looking to be a very exciting month for Star Wars comics!