The 2022 Black Series holiday Star Wars figures are coming!

Discover Numskull's Darth Vader Christmas sweater on Amazon.
Discover Numskull's Darth Vader Christmas sweater on Amazon. /

Just when you think you have ALL the Star Wars Black Series Figures you could ever want, Hasbro released images this week of their 2022 Star Wars Black Series Holiday Edition figures.  The six new figures from various eras of the Star Wars are decked out in white, green, and red and are complete with “holidays” weapons and an equally festive sidekicks.

First up is The Star Wars Black Series Wookiee Holiday Edition. Looking more like a Wampa than Chewbacca, this figure is all white and has traded in his bandolier for lederhosen. He comes with a crossbow and a snow white Porg.

Next is Protocol Droid Holiday Edition. Threepio would not recognize this droid with his TWO red arms and mostly red body save for a white head and hands and also green striped socks. He comes with an equally festive BD Droid.

The Mandalorian Holiday edition has been upgraded to green and red beskar with a Christmas sweater featuring a festive Mandalorian symbol. He comes with a white Bogling.

The First Order Stormtrooper Holiday Edition is decked out in green with a red Santa like top on his helmet. He is equipped with a vest full of presents and a red and green mouse droid. He is available for preorder on Amazon starting 10/26.

The Phase 2 Clone Trooper Holiday Edition is spending Life Day as cosplaying as a Gingerbread man.  Complete with red bow tie and green buttons. He comes with a Porg in a Santa outfit.

And finally we have, The Scout Trooper Holiday Edition. This trooper has traded his traditional black and white armor for red and green and a Baby Yoda Christmas Sweater. Speaking of Grogu he comes with the Scout Trooper in a bag that is attached. Let’s hope for the holidays The Scout Trooper can refrain from punching Baby Yoda to keep him quiet.

Each is priced at 27.99 (US) and will be available November 1, 2022. The Holiday Wookie is a Game Stop exclusive, The Mandalorian is a Target exclusive, and The Scout Trooper is a Walmart exclusive. The rest are available online at Entertainment Earth and Hasbro Pulse and Shop Disney starting on 11/1.