Grogu Tamagotchis are here!

Do you remember the days when you would carry around that cute and adorable digital creature attached to the latest backpack your parents grabbed you at Walmart? Of course, you do, the legend of the Tamagotchi lives in us all even to this day. Well, get ready as they are making their comeback with their latest version, Grogu!

Now we can all pretend to be the badass Mandalorian bringing our little green friend around everywhere we go. According to the official Tamagotchi website, fans can select from two Grogu/Baby Yoda toy variations. And then depending on how well or how you take care of your child he will change into one of a dozen different things. Additionally, there are also three secret appearances he can transform into as well!

Now, remember the most important part of these is feeding your Tamagotchi which fans will also be able to do here. If you find yourself tending to this beautiful creature you will have the choice of feeding him macaron and squid chowder (ew.) A great nugget to go along with is if you feed him too much the squid will actually jump onto Grogu.

The version will come with two mini-games that will be able to play at any time and multiple other mini-games that, depending on how you interact will alternate between them. The company let us all in on a little secret as well which is there may be some special guests that pop in for a visit every now and then. We aren’t sure quite yet who that may be but, hopefully, some friends like Mando, Chewy, and others make an appearance.

The toy is now available on and will be available in two colors with a soon-to-be-released silicone case for extra protection. Have you grabbed yours yet?